Friday, January 1, 2016

2016: Happy New Year

A new year, a new hope, new adventures, new learning experiences.. They all await us as we begin the journey through another calendar year. It’s odd that as our children get older the days don’t often blend so deeply together, but they still race by just as quickly. I still find myself attempting to catch the coattails of one day so I can finish one more project, lay one more rail in place before the day is gone.

What will this year hold for us? What fun will we have? What rocky roads will we travel? What detours will we take? Where we will be 12 months from now? For we know, if we are completely honest with ourselves, that not every path we take this year will be easy or even peaceful. We will be challenged, we will face hard things. How will we handle those moments?

Each new year is so full of promise that we walk boldly forward willingly ready to embrace it. This morning, once the grogginess of too little sleep has worn off, once the party hats are put away, & the dirty dishes scrubbed we flip back through the photos of the night before & we giggle & share as we reflect on the fun we had.

We share which moments we loved the most, how many bug bites we obtained while watching fireworks, the hardest questions in the games we played, the best scenes in the movies we watched. An off handed comment about how awesome the ice cream sandwiches were or how we should have made extra pizza for more leftovers.

We look through photos of the year gone by & we realise too, from the other side, from the comfier place on the sofa, that it wasn’t as bad as we’d thought while we’d journeyed that rough steep mountain or gravel laden road. It simply was. We realise, in that moment, the happier moments on the journey & how much easier it all would have been if we’d walked just as boldly forward in those harder, darker, quieter moments as we do in the joyous & fun filled ones.

Have I not sent you? I remember those words too late at times, after the complaints have slipped out.. the murmuring has descended & I wonder how I’ll make it to the end. The countless jobs that need doing on top of the latest struggles or worries. If I had only remembered those words sooner, would my attitude have been different?

I hear them now, echoing over & over in my mind. I am reminded while I put away the last game, vacuum up the final bits of confetti, wash away the last drops of ice cream, & throw out the last burnt sparkler. The Lord is with you…

If He’s with me while I clean up sparklers & dirty dishes, surely He’s with me while I race boldly to each new day, each new adventure that awaits me! When I step forward into the mundane tasks that must be accomplished to maintain order & peace, He is still with me.

This is not a new found knowledge I’ve acquired; it’s a reminder. A moment to stop, pause, & dwell,  so that in the days & weeks ahead, when I’m weary & worn, I will be reminded that , “The Lord is with you, O valiant Warrior.” Judges 6:12

May your own New Year be filled with adventures & winding roads where you too, Valiant Warrior, will be reminded that He is with you through it all.

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