Friday, December 11, 2015

Planner Madness

For the past 8 years or so {save one or two in there} I've made my own planner in some fashion or another. I'm just a very good "wing-it" person. I like to have a plan, sometimes I abide a little too closely by the plan & get very very frayed nerves when people deviate, other times I'm cool with the swaying.

This year I really really didn't want to make my own planner. I don't know why, I've always fully enjoyed the process in the past. I've enjoyed the mixing of colours, the new layouts, hunting down favourite verses & quotes, rounding up pictures for my covers.. you name it, I've enjoyed it. Maybe it's the excess stress I've been dealing with the second half of this year, maybe not.. either way, I was determined that this year I was going to purchase planners.

Yep, planners. Plural. More then one. Why more then one? I didn't want my personal stuff mixed in with the school stuff. Crazy much? Maybe, but it's the direction I was being pulled this year & I figured if I was going to purchase something it would need to fit the needs I have. If you think I'm a book snob, you've not seen anything until you've seen me planner shopping. I'm pretty picky.

In the end I settled on the Plum Paper {PPP} because I could be a bit more picky about it & still get what I wanted. I could add in extra note pages, check lists, & more. For my personal planner this was really cool & I maxed the crazy thing out! I added in a heap of extra Note pages, a Fitness Section, Checklists, & To-do Pages.

I ended up putting off purchasing it so long that it gave me a lot of time to debate how I wanted it set up. It's weird losing the control of designing your own planner & realising if something isn't how you like it you're limited on the ability to rip it out, reprint & slip it back in. In the end I went with a check-list & to-do page added to every month. A fitness section in the back, extra note pages in the back, & extra checklist pages in the back. They have a nifty new menu planning add-on I might have snatched up too, but it wasn't available when I ordered.

Sadly, my planner doesn't start until January. Waiting so long to order it & not being sure how quickly it would travel through the post I didn't really want to go with a December start date. While I've all ready started filling in certain areas for January & how I intend to use it you'll have to stay tuned for a better review once I'm over the "honeymoon" phase & into the, "This works {or not} phase." In the mean time I thought I'd share some photos.

This is the personal planner, not the Teacher Planner. When I was debating ordering that one or just sucking it up & making my own Mr S suggested I just go ahead & purchase the teacher planner. It'll be larger {US Letter Sized Paper} & I'm excited about it. No photos of that one yet as it hasn't even shipped yet. I'm getting kinda anxious about that before the typical 2 week End Of Year Post Office Closure happens around here.

Did I mention it has my name on it?! I've only ever owned 3 items with my name on it. The first one came one year when I was babysitting & the children's mother & grandmother went out shopping. They came back & surprised me with a stamp with my name on it. They had no idea how touched I was, not only by the kindness but by the fact that someone found something with my name on it! The other was a pen I found, amazingly, preprinted at a party supply store. I got a little giddy when this showed up with my name on it..

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Kristina Uptegrove said...

I also ordered a Plum Paper Planner! I hope it gets here soon, I'm having to jot things down on paper to remember to add to my planner for January lol. I'll be looking forward to hear what you think about the teacher planner.