Sunday, December 27, 2015

Personal Planner

Yesterday I shared about our new school planner & today I thought I'd share about the personal planner I bought for myself. I've been asked a few times why I'd need a planner, I think it's a bit of a silly question to ask, but my answer would be pretty simple: To plan things.

More specifically I often end up writing down things I need to accomplish in a week in our school planner, our menu, & more. While it works I often run out of room too & had decided, well before opting to purchase a school planner, that I would purchase myself a personal planner this year.

This one is also from the lovely Plum Paper Planner company, but it's a personal planner in the Morning, Afternoon, Evening layout format. I believe on the website it's considered option #1. I went through a lot of mind changing before purchasing this crazy planner too. I was going to get a family planner, but decided against it for various reasons. In the end I went with the MAE layout & while I've only mapped out one full week {the planner starts on Monday} I'm happy with it thus far. Again, I'd have to update you after a good amount of use before I could comment deeply about any major affection for it.

This planner set-up is very much the same as my Large Teacher Planner in that there's a year at a glance spread over 2 pages & then it jumps right into the months. I haven't taken photos of that as they are the same, on a slightly smaller scale, as the previous planner I showed. The monthly dividers are the same with space for 3 goals, birthdays, events, things to remember, & then a 2 column blank space at the bottom. The monthly calendar page is also a 2 page spread with space for notes & or whatever you might want to jot down. There's also a note page at the beginning of the month which I'm planning to use as a journaling page, but again we'll see.

Then comes the weekly spreads. Now, something unique to the Plum Paper Planners is that you'll notice the dates on the lefthand side of my planner are grey & the the dates on the right hands side are blue. When a month doesn't end on a Sunday you'll find that they've opted to include that week in both months that the week crosses over. That way you can choose which month of your planner to use it in. I've opted to use this month in January, obviously, because I didn't have a planner like this last year.

I opted to use some stamps & a couple of stickers in my planner spread. Will I do that each week? Who knows, I enjoy it & did it with our school planner last year too. The grass is actually cover the words "checklist" which is the area I'm using for our weekly menu. The jar on the lefthand side of the paper were free stickers I spotted somewhere in my travels & downloaded to print on sticker paper. The lovely bookmark was a gift from my eldest. It's fantastic because it's not only magnetic, but when I close my planner I can still quickly locate the exact spot I need to go to in order to check my day/week. Plus, it has one of my very favourite Bible verses on it for when I'm feeling frazzled.

At the end of each of my months I paid a little extra to have a To-Do list section & a check list added in. Behind that is also a note page, but that came with the planner & wasn't something I paid to add in. One thing I really loved about The Well Planned Day planner was the little perforated grocery lists she had in there for each month. If I recall correctly there is/was something like 8 of them per month. Anyway, I'd pull them out on a weekend & write out a list of things we needed to do in order to have a clean home & a day of rest. We'd divide the list amongst ourselves & be off running with our small section in hand. While these to-do lists aren't perforated I just pulled out my CutterBug & perforated Januarys.  The check-list was a way for me to keep track of things I need to do routinely & won't bother to write down daily. Instead I just jot a reminder to do the Daily Check-List.

I opted not to share the photo of my January check-list for now, but I broke it in half, again with washi tape. The top half are things I tend to do daily around my home while the bottom half is a list of books I'd like to tackle in January. The backside is currently empty but may change as the month goes on. I saw a lovely idea for keeping a list of things that need to be done in various rooms around your home. From little jobs one tends to put off, to bigger jobs one may need to wait on financial funds for..

I decided to add on the Fitness Section, I'm not sure how much of it I'll end up utalising in full, but we'll see. Each month has a 2-3 page spread you'd use. The page on the left is your starting page where you jot down all your personal information from measurements to goals. The scale atop are for recording your weight each week. On the right hand side you're suppose to use the space for your exercise, reps, & fluid intake. Now generally I use Edomondo for tracking my fitness, as well as Fitbit, & MyFitness Pal for the food/water intake. I'm not sure there's honestly enough room to record all my workouts either as we tend to go for 2 walks a day & then I either jump on the bike at some point or go for a third walk with the kids. Add that to toning & I'm not sure I'd fit it all in, but we'll see what happens. I honestly love the left hand side for keeping track of goals & measurements.

Once again I added on to this planner. I added a large section of checklists & notes maxing out the recommended amount of additional pages. Those will be used for a large variety of things throughout the year. At the end of those two sections is a small portion of contact pages & US Holidays. Admittedly I was excited to see the contact pages as I didn't add in a contact section. I didn't feel the need for 10 pages for contacts, but having just one page holds 28 different contacts!

In the very back of this planner is also a 2017 at a glance page & then more stickers. I can't remember if I added an additional sheet of stickers or not. I use them to mark things on the monthly calendar that may change or birthdays. I haven't opted to use them yet on the weekly pages but I may to mark Robotic Club meets, Sporting Events, etc. We'll see. Of course at the very end is a 2 sided pocket just like my other PP planner.

While I'm not using the lovely stickers in the back to mark things too far in advanced in the weekly sections I am using post-its. Some post-its are directly on specific days, such as Leap Day, while others are here in the note section. This is a book I need to order in time to read it to the kids before Easter.

All in all I'm really happy with the my planner. We'll see how it goes as we actually put it into practice throughout the year. It's easy to be smitten with something before you actually use it so I hesitate to do more then just give a quick run-through of what it looks like & how I intend to utilize it.

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