Monday, December 7, 2015

A Few Lovely Books

Despite the VPD/SSS/Irlen Diagnosis that run through our little family, it can be pretty hard to keep up with what everyone is reading these days. In fact, it's traditional for me to purchase books for everyone for Christmas & one child requested book 32 in a series he's reading. The book shop didn't even know the series went that high. Makes me so so grateful for ScribD, but more about that later..

While these aren't the only books people in our home are currently reading I thought I'd share about the 4 books pictures above:

1. Tea & Sugar Christmas. A sweet friend recommended this book to me & I may have squealed aloud when I saw our library actually had a few copies of it. The book is about the Tea & Sugar Train that ran from Port August to Kalgoorlie from 1915-1996. The back has a little history in the train & photos of people shopping on the train too. It's a sweet little story with equally sweet illustrations by one of our favourite Aussie illustrators, Robert Ingpen.

2. Australian's Let Us Barbecue. Come one, who didn't sing that when reading that title?! There's an entire series of these books based on well known Aussie songs, folklore, & poetry. We use to check them out regularly when our boys were much much younger. Oh my how one of our's adored "Im A Big Bad BushRanger.." I was strolling through the picture book section of our library when I spotted a new-to-us title in the series & decided to snatch it up. Yes, my children are teens & yes one of them might have said, "Seriously Mom?" But, no one whinged when I read it aloud to them earlier today.. Beautiful illustrations & typically fun & silly lyrics.

3. Julie Andrews Treasury For All Seasons. If you're wondering, yes I mean that Julie Andrews. You've read her book called Mandy, right? I read it as a child & read it again as a young Mother, & really need to obtain a copy to read to my own children. As for the book above it's full of poems & stories broken down by months & seasons. They are designed for the US seasons, but that's never stopped us from enjoying a delightful book before. In fact, our poetry book for next year is very light compared to the one we just finished so I was rather excited to preview this one to add to our Book Basket for next year.

4. The Christmas Mystery. Another tradition in our home is to read a book each day from the Sunday after Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas Morning. I had grand intentions of writing a story for my children for this year, but life happened & the story didn't. I was all excited when I picked up a book at our local Christian Bookshop to read to our kids this year, but one child found it a little too edge of the seat for him, or perhaps he was just out of sorts which is common for him these days. Either way, we shelved it, for now, & I offered to let the oldest {he very much cherishes our traditions} pick out any book from the stash of Christmas Reads he wanted. He choose The Christmas Mystery. This book is designed to be read December 1-December 24 & follows both a modern world mystery as well as the events leading to Christ's Birth. After borrowing it a few times over from our local library I finally purchased our own copy.

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