Sunday, December 6, 2015

5 Favourite Christmas Decorations

We decorated the house earlier this week & I snapped a few photos, all be them not fantastic, of some of our favourite things to hang up this time of year.. {LtoR; Top To Bottom}

1. Homemade Stockings. We actually own several homemade stockings. The ones above are ones I made when we lived in America. While looking for some other goodies for us Mom came across our old stockings & posted them to us. I'm not really sure what I was thinking with the dangling beads on them, I'm not generally a sparkly-bead-kinda person, but the guys think the beads are awesome. Maybe they were the ones who suggested the beads, who knows! 

2. Names of Jesus. Four or five years ago I made up circles with the names of Jesus on them to hang over an archway in one of our previous homes. It was fitted perfectly to the area & started the tradition of hanging banners, or some form of decoration, for birthdays & other holidays in that spot. In our current home we only have one slightly arched doorway & it's in the middle of a very long room. This year I opted to hang it in the lounge room over a window. The picture is much darker then the room actually was, & it's lovely to sit in the sun during the day & see the many names there.

3. Stuffed Stars. Another item I made for a specific location in a home we previously lived in. We often have the debate in our home as to the Star of the Angel atop our tree, as we feel each had a significant roll in the birth of Christ. Either way, stars clearly hold a special place for me in regards to this time of year & a few scraps of material, some left over cord & we have star garland. It currently hangs near the entryway of our home & each time it comes out we discuss making Red, White, & Blue ones which could be used for both Australia Day & July 4th. All though, I lobby for Gold & Green for Australia Day..

4. Jesse Tree. We've always been big on choosing to celebrate the birth of our Saviour for Christmas, & you know it can be hard to encourage a giving spirit in a young child when they are surrounded by people asking them what they want for Christmas. One way we've kept our hearts focused on why we choose to celebrate Christmas has been with a Jesse Tree. We follow the story of the world from Creation through to the birth of Christ.. we follow the fall of man, the prophecies of a Saviour who'd bring hope & love, to the birth of the promise fulfilled. I may have teens now, but it's still a cherished part of our tradition to hang it up the Sunday after Thanksgiving & take turns reading the scriptures & hanging the ornaments. Each year we state how we really should make one for Easter to follow the Life of Christ, maybe this year.. Before I'm asked, I can't provide a link to purchase the Jesse Tree, it's something I made myself, including the little clay ornaments. I have, however, been considering making a few & offering them up for sale so feel free to let me know if you'd be interested in that or even a pattern for it.

5. Countdown Chain. While I didn't snap a photo of it, we also have a beautiful cloth countdown chain we use each year as well. Remember making them of paper for any grand event you couldn't wait for? A birthday, Christmas, the visit of a relative? One year I made some from cloth & included Bible Verses on them. 

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