Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays.. The house filled with the smell of sautéing onion & celery, roasting turkey, & voices. I harbour many memories from days gone by in which I was a child & when my children were younger & we lived stateside. 

Celebrating American holidays while living overseas can be far more difficult. First off, cranberries aren’t traditional where I live & the only way I can find them, aside from overpriced Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, is via the dried fruit section of my local health food stores or grocery. This year, I splurged the big bucks on the pre made type in a jar.. That’s living on the edge folks.

Turkey. It brings it’s own hue of troubles. I don’t have a large selection to choose from & it’s limited even more when I have to read the labels thanks to annoyingly pesky food allergies. Did you know that some companies inject fowl with corn or wheat?! True story that, & nothing says, “Give thanks” quite like losing your turkey on the dinner table, or watching your kid crawl across the floor because his joints hurt so much from ingesting wheat.
Yet, not to be totally ungrateful for the dilemmas that it brings, it makes us more grateful for what we can find & use. The changes to our menu are pretty odd, I’ll give it that, but it adds to the luster of celebrating an American holiday in Australia.. & let’s face it there is nothing “normal” about a mixed cultural family.

We constantly mix our words up & find ourselves explaining Australian terms to our American family & vice versa. Our children use to be convinced they could speak 2 languages because they’d interpret things one or the other of us said for family or friends who suddenly seemed utterly confused by the words we spoke. I’m pretty sure few of us will forget the lecture we all received over the luncheon table one day as our 5 year old explained dummy vs pacifier to us.. Just last night we debated the use of the terms dentures vs false teeth.. It’s really not a wonder our neighbours find us to be such odd peoples.

So here we are, Thanksgiving again. I’d had plans to celebrate in style even if it was only the 4 of us present. Games, fancy tables, the whole huge feast, & our traditional Christmas Movie to put the night to bed with. But life happened & and it changed everything.

Which is why I found myself in the grocery last night, Wednesday, picking up our normal groceries & chucking a couple of fresh chickens in the trolly. I’d all ready read the ingredient label on ever single turkey in the meat department & each one made me roll my eyes & mutter about the stupidity of adding anything to meat.

Mr S caught us up & we were wandering down the final isle of the shop.. one child debating the choices of yogurt while the other said the beauty of a dairy allergy was that he wasn’t faced with such BORING choices. While they debated onward I noticed a section of frozen turkeys.

I let out a soft chuckle which brought Mr S over to ask what was up. I pointed out that the turkeys in purple weren’t fresh they were clearly frozen & we had one just like in the freezer, but that unfortunately it was purchased prior to the corn & wheat issues. Then I noticed turkeys in green wrappers, the only ones I hadn’t previously looked at. I picked one up & was delighted to see that aside from potato starch & sugar {why?!} it was just plain ol’ turkey.

I stood there holding that ice cold turkey in my hands while I debated the idea of putting back chicken & replacing it with turkey. I opposed the idea & threw it back in the freezer when Mr S says, “I wondered what we were doing for Thanksgiving this year..”  I pulled the turkey back out & returned the 2 raw chickens. He didn’t hesitate to offer to put the chickens back himself.. never mind they were $20 cheaper then the frozen turkey no squashing his beloved thick cut fruit bread.

Nope, the only cry after the turkey was in the trolly was, “So, what kind of pie are we having.” That, my friends, is what I’m truly thankful for. A husband, who gets it without a need for any explanation. The one who, despite only being in the business of celebrating the holiday for the past 16 years, is only worried about the pie instead of the insane price I paid for a small frozen turkey.

This is, after all, the same man who insisted I buy the turkey 2 years ago when I firmly stated we weren’t having turkey because the prices were getting insane. After all, “We only have turkey once a year & it’s tradition. Buy the turkey.” “But..” “Buy the turkey, we’ll eat it. We’ll make everyone eat it.” Which wasn’t a lie either.. there was turkey on Nana’s plate & she despises the stuff.

So, what kind of pie are you having? 

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Tasmanian said...

Happy Thanksgiving :) Your husband is a legend.