Friday, November 20, 2015


A few weeks ago I walked into the kitchen & found the Weet-Bix on the counter with a gaping hole in the box. I looked at it for a minute & sighed.

Mr S is a die-hard Hawks fans. For those of you not living in Australia they've finished as Aussie Rules Footy Champs 3 years running now.. The problem is Morgan is a Cat's fan. If you don't live in Australia you're probably thinking, "No big deal.."

But let's just say arch rivals doesn't generally touch too closely on the ugliness of a match between these two clubs.. They can be pretty ugly pretty quickly. We're talking fights, umpires screaming, match bans, the works.

Morgan is the sole, & only unfortunate, Cats fan in the house. So when he was sent off to fetch the Weet-Bix for Mr S last month he popped the box in the trolly & chuckled. No one really tought about it until Mr S went to put away the Weet-Bix & there atop the front of the box was a Cat's player. Morgan burst out laughing & said, "Gotcha! I could have gotten the plain box, but I figured you'd REALLY appreciate seeing Selwood every morning while you had breakfast.."

Well, Mr S fixed the problem & attacked the box with a pair of scissors. Unfortunately he missed the picture on the back of the box & proceeded to puncture the cereal bag so I had to transfer the whole lot of it to another box. I noticed the new box in the cupboard, delivered to us by the Grocery Delivery man, a die hard Tiger's fan, has the same picture on the front.. It also has a Tiger's player on the back. I chuckled while I threw it up in the pantry & considered writing to Weet-Bix to ask when the Cricket stuff will be back on the boxes..

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