Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week In Review: Week 22

We're slowly getting back into the rhythm of our days here, all though we're still not up to full speed with our work yet. Our mornings are still off a bit shaky as Mr S has thrown out his back & needs to be taken to the office instead of his normal biking. I keep teasing him that by the time we've found a good pattern with it he'll be right as rain & back to biking in.. you know, until the spring rains hit. Not that we've been for lack of rain here lately.

Lots of wind & rain this week as cold fronts have tried to resurface & make themselves known. It's made for some interesting weather that's for sure. Nothing quite like walking outside & getting whipped off your feet from the stiff sea breeze.

The boys have taken great pleasure in keeping the wood fire going this week. I'm not sure we've all shared the same pleasure with the mess that it makes, but the warmth has been welcome in these brisker winter months.

At long last we wrapped up The Wind In The Willows which caused shouts of jubilation from the youngest amongst us. The excessive descriptions & long winded vocabulary really turned him off. I think the chapter I mentioned last week in which seemed completely unfitting compared to the rest of the book was just more then he could cope with & he asked if we could skip the last few remaining chapters. He was dragged back into the finish, after all a great galloping fight in order to regain control of Toad Hall was right up his ally, but it wasn't quite enough to win him back. We did have a few good chuckles reading about the inspiration for toad; Mr Grahame own son!

We dug back into our Bible study this week, we're so close to being done with the entirety of 2nd Timothy. It's been such a lovely study & the lessons this week have been so incredibly fitting for things going on in our neck of the woods. I promise that is not scribble all over my Bible, but marks that have specific meanings. We should wrap this study up next week, & then the great debate comes to which one we'll tackle next.

We continued with our current Devotional, despite the length of time it's taking us we're really enjoying it. We may pull out our other AIO devotional & read through that one again when we wrap this one up. We've crossed the halfway mark in Live Like A Jesus Freak. We're really enjoying the thoughts & messages in this book, it makes me wonder about the others in the series & if they might be worth acquiring or not..

Taking Mr S to work means we have to pick him up to.. the nights the kids came with me we continue listening to 101 Dalmatians. There are a few scenes we'd forgotten about that had us chuckling again & then the beloved scenes we still remember. I'm curious if the sequel still follows the same story line or if it's entirely different all together.

It was forward march with spelling this week. We were suppose to hit Lesson 80 this week, but one of the boys really struggle with a phonetic combination this week & I put the breaks on to create a few "homemade" Sequential Spelling lessons with words based on that combination & another combination he'd equally been struggling with. We'll tackle that next week & then move forward as planned. Usually they do well if a phonetic sound is introduced despite being spelled 2 ways, but this week there was just a bit of confusion & I really don't want to that to be an issue every time they go to spell certain words.

Both boys moved forward in math. The one in the background was actually reading in the picture above, he'd finished his math all ready. We may need to pause in math for one student as well & take the time to review previously learned lessons just to really help him build confidence & feel grounded. He's doubting himself a little bit too much in some areas & it's causing more dread then normal for math. A small pause to review previous lessons should help build confidence & have him ready to roll in a week's time or so.

On the few days it was raining we skipped out for walks at a local walk path. We had the shock of our lives one afternoon when on our way back to the car there was a truck coming up the walk path with two children in front of it screaming at people to get out of the way. I ended up annoying the driver when I stopped in the middle of the path to figure out what on earth was going on & why his children were screaming. I'd had earphones in & thought something was wrong.. Once we sorted out what was going on I refused to move off the track onto the rocky edge which was eroding away due to excessive rain waters. Alas, who knew walking tracks were for trucks! For the record, they aren't, so if you live locally don't get any ideas. A call to the police sorted that question out & they are now patrolling the area to prevent further incidents.

Speaking of eroding we read about eroding river banks in Raging Rivers this week as well as a great many other interesting things including how the source of the Nile was the source of an ongoing fight until Stanley solved the question that had been plaguing people for years. On our science days we read from Chemical Chaos which elicited a lot of gleeful, "Oh you didn't forget hoorah!" from certain young men. We read about Marvellous Murderous Metals..

We wrapped up our week by digging into our next book, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. Jayden's been less then delighted about the idea after being completely frustrated with our last one, but thus far he's found the lighter read enjoyable. It truly is lighter compared to our last few & shouldn't take us long to get through. We'll see next week we need to add in a bit more science & some history.. not to mention writing.

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