Friday, August 21, 2015

Timeline Organisation

We love using timelines in our homeschool, but I confess sometimes we forgot to add the pieces each week to our timeline. It’s easy for them to build up when that happens, & then we spend a day colouring our pieces in & placing them into our books. While there’s no harm in doing it this way I rather like slipping them in the book at the end of the week as a great way to wrap up our week & review what we’ve done as the kids chat about each piece they stick on their timeline.

While reading through a small group on Facebook the other day someone shared their plan for making sure no timeline pieces were forgotten; kinda makes you think if the slogan, “No Child Left Behind..”, only we’ll say, “No Timeline Piece Left Behind!” Anyway, the idea she shared was that she snagged some baseball/football card sheets & slapped in her timeline pieces broken down by 1 slot per week. Genius.

Except, my kids don’t collect sports cards. Somewhere in the depths of my parents attic I possibly still have a bunch of autographed football & baseball cards, pretty sure I have a Reggie White card in that fashion & a Jim Kelly card, but that’s not really the point.. The point is, if they are locked away in the crawl spaces I’m not going in after them because first off that’d be one long plane ride to uncover them, & secondly last time I peeked in the crawl spaces I saw a snake skin.. a really really big snake skin. Big enough that I simply closed the crawl space double timed it downstairs &, in an eerily calm voice said, “Dad, you’d better get up here before Mom sees what I saw!”  Sorry Mom, I really didn’t think you’d want to know about it at the time..

I was actually debating what I could use instead of ball card holders. My eldest is a huge card collector, but he’s all about using the cards too. This kid literally has buckets of cards & he generally uses them all, but they don’t go into protective sleeves. However, it was a high priority that his room get cleaned up last week & while that was happening a couple of card notebooks appeared. I recall they cost about $3 at the local K-Mart & I believe originally had a Club Penguin logo on them. My kids played that card game until their cards started falling apart, literally! They rarely stored things in the notebooks because it was too much bother to pull them out every half hour to use.

My boy was really torn on getting rid of those books, & as he sat there debating it I told him that if he was keen to get rid of them I'd like to use them for school. He was confused but happily deposited them on the school table. I spent the weekend listening to an audio book & cutting out all our timeline figures for the rest of the year & slipping them into a notebook per child.

Seriously, it was so easy to do! I actually located all the timeline pieces we hadn't used earlier this year, all though I think a fair few were doubles as I accidentally managed to order 2 timeline sets for one child & none for the other. Genius, I know. Anyway, when I was done I decided to label the pockets with the scrap bits of timeline page sticker. Yep, if I don't purchase our timeline pieces all ready on sticker paper I just print them out on sticker paper. I prefer the pre-printed ones because, locally, I haven't been able to find heavier duty sticker paper, but it all works. 

I actually had enough pages in one of these books to put timeline stickers in for two 36 week programmes & more. The picture above shows some of our Winter Promise Royals & Revolutionary Theme timeline cards. We love these cards, & my eldest is especially keen that at the end of the year he has his own trivia game. One I prefer he not play with his Nana because the next time they get into a spat over Queen Elizabeth I, I might take the chocolate for myself & leave them to duke it out.

One of our card books was a bit more stretched out with the top row of pockets then another so for those pages I just slipped a paperclip on the side or top. That particular pocket really doesn't have 2 clips on it, you can just see the one behind it as well. Easy fix, the other card holder doesn't have that issue because I suspect it was never ever used.

The best part is that the cover {front & back} are pockets. We just slip their planner page for the week in the front pocket & the back pocket is saved for notebooking pages, space timeline pieces, or scratch paper depending on what's needed for the week ahead. This week my eldest was delighted to be able to locate his timeline figures without hassle & take them off to colour in while listening to his weekly audio book. Win-Win!

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reader19 said...

You are seriously organized! I love your timeline ideas!