Monday, August 3, 2015

Eye Spy

Can you find: an iPhone, seven 9's, six stars, Monster's Inc Logo, Channel 7's Logo, 2 H's, Press Play Logo {the band}, 3 Lightning Bolts, 3 Hallows {think Book 7 of the HP series}, 11 X's, Wii Logo, Lego City Game Hospital Logo, Match, Red Heads Match Box, Marker, & a backwards F.

He worked on this project for days, adding meticulous details & double checking he'd included everything in his list. He had it all laid out to present to us while tea finished cooking. We all explored the drawing & found each of the items.

He's made many of these for us over the years, & each one gets a little cooler then the last one. He stresses over the end project though, the writing out of his list. He worries that he'll spell something wrong, or have put a letter facing the wrong direction once he's finished spelling it all out.. in ink.

We've learned to read through the mistakes, to read backwards, or even upside down. He's often fascinated by the great minds that have gone before him.. each one with it's own quirk. Da Vinci's own Mirror Writing. Was it really intentional, or were his eyes crazy like mine & he just didn't know? He smiles each time he hears one is a poor speller, struggled with their own inner demons. It's not the smile of a person who's one-upped you, but a knowing smile; one that screams, "I get it, I understand. Me too!"

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