Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week In Review: Week 21

I've kinda lost track of what week we're on as I didn't keep up with it as well in the later half of Term 2, but I think we're on Week 21 not that it really matters in any great scheme of things.

This was a slow week for us as we ease ourselves back into schedules & routines. We've enjoyed some very laid back time & while we were still doing our work, we're ready to get back into our normal routine & a slower week is a great way to get there.

I find that if you just jump in head first you're likely to being calling out for help pretty quickly, where as if you slowly enter he water a little bit at a time you'll find that the journey is enjoyable & not a struggle.

Before I'm asked, it's not a new planner, just different colours then the one I made for 2014. No, it's not up for download yet as there's only 6 months worth of it ready & I'm looking at adding another 12 months & then offering it up as an 18 month type planner. We'll see what happens.

We're continuing our journey through the 90 Devotions in Matthew; we had a great laugh at how many days it's actually taken us as we're using it for our school morning devotional. We've opted to add a missionary type story to our Read Aloud Basket & we wrapped up our book about Mary Slessor this week. Sometimes we read the stories from Christian Heroes Then & Now & we think, "Hmm.." & sometimes we are greatly moved by one's love for Christ & the actions they took to show that love & not just waste hot air talking about it. Mary is one who's actions spoke far louder then her words. We really enjoyed her story & were inspired to look up a bit more about here. We found some real pictures of her, her adopted children, & even a few of the Chiefs & Ma's she lived with. If you're curious you can find them here, but be forewarned some of the ladies are bare chested.

Live Like A Jesus Freak is the book I've labeled "theology" in our basked, merely for lack of a better name. We are really enjoying the book, the stories presented, & the personal suggestions & challenges. My eldest was particularly moved by a statement in the book & openly shared some of his thoughts about it after a recent outing which left him with a sour experience. It was one of those moments where I realised just how much he's growing, not just physically, but equally in his own faith.

While we didn't dive into our normal science this week we began our rotation with the books from our Read Aloud Basket. We've been reading Raging Rivers each day, but only read The Story of Science on Thursday & friday. Raging Rivers is a lovely Horrible Geography book making it loaded not only with tons of facts, but it's written in an engaging way. We're loving it. The Story Of Science could also be considered the history of it, we're not far into it yet so I can't give too deep of an opinion. We started reading this one a year or two ago when we borrowed it form the library, but this time we purchased our own copy so we can read it at whatever pace we'd like.

We're still reading through The Wind In The Willows. We are nearly finished with this one & are tempted to finish it over the weekend, we'll see. This has been a slower read with much more vibrant vocabulary, all most too much so. I'm also semi-convinced that Mr Graham lost track of what he was doing about halfway through the book as he one minute he's telling us the story of Toad's escape & then derails himself for a rather lengthy chapter in describing how poor dear Ratty is dismayed by all the animals heading south. It doesn't add up with the following chapter in which we hear more escapades of Toad's escape as Toad is not far from Toad Hall & yet it does not seem to be winter, spring, or autumn in the story leaving one to wonder exactly how long toad lay asleep in the hollow of the tree while dressed like the washer woman. Morgan's enjoying the book thoroughly, but the the above mentioned chapter & thick vocabulary that was contained with in has led Jayden to feel he can't wait for this book to land back upon the shelf.

We've been listening to 101 Dalmatians again in the car. I read this book to the boys many years ago & they absolutely loved it. For ages Jayde use to ask if we could adopt another black & white dog so we could get our Mrs, or he was happy to settle for calling her Perdita, it didn't matter just so long as we could have puppies too. This time we've been enjoying an audio version & are enjoying just as much as ever.

With our colder winter mornings we had a fire going in the library & the kids wanted to do spelling in front of the fire. We were halfway through a week of spelling that we'd started the previous week & we finished it off this week. With Sequential Spelling all the words build off each other over the course of 4 days so we only had 2 days of spelling this week. Considering now one felt compelled to chuck their books in the fire after their test was over I think we did all right!

We're still using our lovely Winter Promise Language Arts, we're in our final book with the current level & the boys are still enjoying just as much as they did in Book 1. The information is presented in a very sensible manner so I have the boys use a highlighter to mark things in the book that can be used later as reference to review for the final tests that are at the end of each book. I think it's a great way to begin learning to take notes in books. They also use the highlighters to mark parts of speech in the sentences; this is far easier for my Vision Boy then underlining things with a pencil.

The rain let up during the middle of the week & I hustled everyone out the door & down to the beach for a walk. The scenery was gorgeous, but it was a bit of a hazardous walk on the way up the path. The sun was just so painful for two us with it shining in our eyes! We need to pick a different time of day to take our walk!

After any length of time off math I like to start back with simple flashcards which help with fact recall. After that & some boring skip counting, yes we still practice skip counting but with the harder families like 9's, we took to the white board for some math facts. I just wanted a basic review on things that normally trip each of them up a bit to gear them up for lessons back in their text books this week.

Morgan spent a lot of time working on making games again this week. This is a huge passion for him & generally each game has well thought out lists of rules & so forth. There's rarely every room for question with his games. He once made a lego game that had such a long list of rules he made it into a scroll, however when he pulled it out to ask the neighbor's kids to help him test it there was not a single fight amongst them because each time something came into question I heard someone say, "Let's just check the rules!" Jayde wasn't keen to have a play, so a Pokemon {don't ask me which one that is} was pulled into action instead.

The boys are taking Tennis lessons again this term & had those one evening this week. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather & lighter evenings for these lessons! I'm pretty sure if it doesn't roll in soon I'll turn to a block of ice on the cement seat I have. I was so cold this week I sent Mr S an SOS asking him to bring me hot cocoa, he told me he was in a meeting. Rats! The boys are really enjoying themselves & eager to get into things a bit deeper. My boys are the guilty ones who keep hitting the balls over the 10'+ fence. My apologies, in advance, to anyone who's been hit at the park or Bowl's Club in the past few weeks...

Jayde began his new book, The Matchlock Gun, which won't last him long. He was a little put out at first when I forewarned him there'd be Dutch names & words within. He's still at that phase of being intimidated by words that aren't English in his reading. We went over all the names in advanced & then found out on the way home from tennis that one of the characters in the book has been dually named Tennis {his name is actually Taunnis} which caused a great deal of chuckling.

Morgan started a new book too. We've swayed from his current reading programme to read a historical fiction novel that fits in with the time frame he's learning about. Spy For The Night Riders which I was delighted to find in PDF format so it could be printed on his specialty paper. Unfortunately, the font is huge, which isn't a disadvantage for him, but we've been slowly working on reducing font size to help his eyes out a bit On the flip side he's enjoying the book which is always good!

Wednesday we had dual Dr's appointments which kept our lovely new office on it's toes. We're all good, all though our boy came home with Sports & Viral Induced Asthma. Not a huge surprise to us at all which is why we took him in. In fact we're more grateful for the diagnosis & supplies to help him as he needs it. Sports were becoming increasingly hard for him as he continues to progress in ability & he was often complaining of a pinching in his chest or was heard with a cough that sounded more like a seal barking. We're prayerful that it won't progress beyond this & we'll be able to help him learn to manage it properly.

All in all not a bad official start to our term.

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