Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Quest For Royals & Revolution

We're about to embark upon a new time period in history, & we're pretty excited. It's been a long journey & I'm glad we traveled it from the comfort of the sofa & not on foot! My feet ache thinking about it actually.. As we head off into the Renaissance & beyond it was time to select new books for our pleasure.

I always struggle with this, because the truth is there are just too many great books! Deciding exactly which ones we'll use & which ones we'll have to leave laying by the wayside can take a lot more effort then it really should, in fact I'm pretty sure it took me about 3 months to make official plans on how I was going to handle this time period. I wasn't kidding when I said it could take a long time!

Eventually we settled on our beloved Winter Promise. We've really enjoyed every theme we've used from the lovely company, & I'm kinda desperately hoping they'll come out with the final Quest Theme before we finish this one, hey I can dream!! Either way, we opted to go with the Quest For Royals & Revolutions. We had it on the shelf as I'd picked it up earlier in the year in anticipation of using it, which does make one wonder why it took me 3 months to finalise plans, doesn't it?

The thing is, I also have Bookshark 7 on my shelf, Sonlight W, & Sonlight H. That's really too many choices to be honest & it made narrowing things down a lot harder! The upside is that many of the titles used in Sonlight & Bookshark are the same so that helped me narrow things down just a wee bit more.

In the end I decided we would use all the beautiful non-fiction selections from QFR&R. That was one problem solved. However, we're nearly done with the Story Of The World Series, so I figured we'd go ahead & finish those via the BkSk schedule. As for our literature, I took note of all books suggested by each curriculum & weeded out the ones I knew we wouldn't use. From there I compiled everything else into one massive list in chronological order, with a quick quip about what the book covers, which gives us one big list of books to work through!

If you're curious about the list, or keen for a peek, you can find it here. Our Middle Ages list is over here.

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