Thursday, July 30, 2015

Op-Shop Finds

While in town mailing off packages this week we popped into a few of our favourite Op-Shops to have a look around. We don't visit the op-shops often because we always find something fun to bring home & I prefer to keep stuff out of the house as opposed to in. Our three newest books are a great point in case.

If you're a FIAR Curriculum fan you'll recognise the bottom book. Mr Gumpy's Motor Car was always a favourite here, & when I saw it on the .50 table I'm pretty sure I squealed aloud before snatching it up. Funnily enough a child said, "But we all ready own that one!" Yes, actually we do, but we brought it home anyway. The book use to be out of print, all though I believe you can score it for between $15 & $31 over at Book Depository {linked above} these days. Or you could just watch someone read it over on YouTube.

The Once & Future King was sitting on the shelf inside, for $2, which excited me as well. It's been on my list of books to read for a couple of years now. I think we have the audio version of it, or else that's equally on our list. Either way I was really excited to find it. You know that The Sword In The Stone was based on book 1 right? Yeah, I know I'll read the book & hate the movie, but that's cool.

I also spotted Tom's Midnight Garden for a $1. We've seen the movie previously which really made us quite curious about the book as it left a great deal out, not to mention we were watching a scratched up DVD from our local library that did not play very well in our DVD player. Forget the movie, we'll just read the book!

Now all I need is a few spare days in which I have no responsibilities so I can read.. I guess I'll have to settle for a few stollen minutes each day instead.

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