Friday, July 31, 2015

Bounce Off

One of our newer board games this year is called Bounce Off. I purchased it for one of the boys birthdays & it's been a huge hit ever since it's arrival. The guys have all had a few rounds of it, but it wasn't until last weekend I was actually able to sit down & indulge in a game with them. I have to say the game is pretty addictive.

While waiting my turn & trying to decide if someone was cheating or not I was looking at the game box & rules when I spotted the funny sticker on the front of the box. I started out chuckling when the guys wanted to know what was up. I suspect, really, they thought I'd caught them out on standing too close or something silly like that. Nope, just a really funny sticker.

The objective of the game is to replicate a pattern onto the game board. The pattern is predetermined when a player draws a card from the stack. From there players take turns around the table attempting to bounce a ball onto the simplistic game board & achieve the pattern goal. Pretty simple, really.

Except, of course, the objective of getting a hollow ping pong ball bounced off our wooden kitchen table to go exactly where we want it to every single time is not all that possible. Counter that with the fact that you can play on teams & your teammate not always realise what on earth you're doing. It gets pretty intense too. At one point both teams were 1 ball-in-the-right-position away from winning, & neither team was having much luck..

Check out the video of the winner.

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