Monday, June 1, 2015

Winter Ramblings..

June is officially here, which puts us halfway through 2015. Where on earth has the time gone? It also marks the first day of winter in our neck of the woods. We've been soaking up every last minute of autumn that we could, & has it ever been glorious. We've seen the sun set over the ocean so many times over the past few weeks as we enjoy our late evening walks. We could go earlier, but let's be honest it's much more fun when you have the walk track to yourself, or the beach, or both.

There is nothing quite like the solidarity of the ocean, which is neither small or quiet but fills us with a sense of peace. Many grumpy days over the past month have been made right with a big hug, a quick prayer, & a walk along the shore line of this beach. We come back restored & full of laughter.

Jayde feels so at home he's worn his bathrobe to the beach so often I've threaten to throw it out. Not that I really would, he'd probably cry. I also threatened to buy him a new Hawthorne jumper for his birthday which is now 11 days away. I can't believe he's going to be 12. It might explain why he gets exasperated with me when I still treat him like he's 4. This growing up thing, it's harder on the parents then it is on the kids.

I walked in the kitchen this weekend & noticed that an assigned job to my 14 year old had been done.. exceptionally well. I stood there for a moment & then said, "That's odd." Mr S pulled himself away from the footy scores to ask what I was talking about, & I said, "I just hadn't expected the job to be done quite so well." Which is silly, of course, because if it hadn't been done that well I would have had the offending child return to the scene & fix the problem. Mr S shrugs & says, "Well he isn't 8 anymore you know.."

Yes, I did know, but why is it so easy to forget? I mean he wears bigger shoes then I do! He can swap clothes with his father & I can't keep underpants & socks straight between the two of them anymore either. Not that I'm suppose to say that kind thing, but as long as I have I'll add that I actually went out & purchased character underpants for one of them. Ran into a homeschooling friend who happened to be out purchasing underpants for her teen too. We laughed, we hugged. My family pretended not to notice, her's was absent from the scene.

It's funny really that we watch all those years race by us & we don't notice them. Not once. We're too busy cleaning up the messes, fixing the hurts, sorting out the fights, & living in the moments. Then we suddenly arrive at that point where we catch up with our children, & we're wondering where that time has gone.

I have 3 months of winter to try & figure that out, you know... between celebrating a birthday & all that life entails these days. Really though, I haven't got time to figure it out, I'm too busy trying to keep up with them while I still have them at home, & with each passing year I'm reminding of just how little of that time is left.

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Tasmanian said...

Now you REALLY are reminding me how different your house and our house is - it's our smallest having a birthday in June but he will only be two. Thoughts of a late evening walk on the beach grip me with fear. (Grumpy children! Sand everywhere! Runny noses! ARGH!) But I look forward to it in the future!