Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Weather Science

Earlier this year we had grand plans for doing Earth Science with at least one of the boys. I got half my plans together & had a minor freak out moment & pulled something else off the shelf to use instead. However, the weather here has been doing it's normal autumn/winter fight which makes for some insanely crazy weather patterns. It's had our in home Meteorologists going a little nuts as they watch the weather machines & check weather updates on the hour.

I figured what better time then now to pull those weather books back off the shelf & dig in! As I sat down Sunday evening to check our school plans & look over what we had going on for the week ahead I was caught with the weather books in my hands. All he said was, "Yes. I know exactly what your'e going to ask & my answer is 100% for sure yes!"

We have this running joke in our home that Mom's a mind reader because when the guys putter around trying to ask someone something instead of spitting it out I simply say, "What he's trying to say is.." which often gets the response of, "Yeah, what she said." Needless to say Jayde took pure delight in beating me to the question & reading my mind.

I purchased both of these weather books because we've used others in their series & I really like the style & way they are written. Explore Weather & Climate is by the same people who wrote a few of our "Ancient" craft books as well as the book we used when studying Simple Machines. In fact, I purchased a few others in this series for our Earth Science study too.

The Kids Book Of Weather Forecasting is from another series of favourites as well, all of which seem to be getting a nifty little facelift. I'm finding that this particular book, while scientific & written to the child, is more about getting them thinking about weather & weather related ideas. Whereas the Explore Weather & Climate is more science & experiment based. Together they make a fantastic combination for we wanted.

I'd like to order a few Weather Science kits, several of which I have flagged, but I'm torn because I'd also considered purchasing them as birthday presents for the same child. We shall see what unfolds there. In the mean time I have the Scholastic Easy Make & Learn Weather Projects. I'm pretty sure we snagged that one back during one of their $1 sales & the contents will make lovely notebooking pieces for him.

In the mean time I'm tending to just pull plans together a week at a time reading a few pages from one book or another as we go along. I'd like to plan it all out a bit farther in advanced, but really it comes together simply enough that if I only do it week by week I don't think I'll panic too much.

Here's our plans for the first 3 weeks if you're interested:

Click on the image for a pdf version.

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