Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week In Review: Week 16

Hopefully next week will be calmer, because after 3 semi-crazy weeks I'm really ready for normal! We had some wild weather this week, a power outage, a Dr's appointment, & even more crazier weather!

We still accomplished schooling, but probably not as full of a week as I'd have anticipated after a slack week.

If you're wondering the picture to the left was taken this week when my youngest shouted, "Mom quick, the Cockatoos are back!" They make a lot of racket, but we have so much fun watching them we don't mind. They don't tend to land in our yard as we don't have the trees they love so much, but in one of our former homes they use to land in our yard. These cockatoos are Yellow Cheeked Black Cockatoos.

We initiated a challenge to the boys this week to have them start school sooner & accomplish it by 1pm. Leaving the afternoons open for exploration, hiking, & tinkering. They embraced it really well & accomplished their goals for the week with little holdups. Morgan is tackling his writing above, & Jayde was listening to Calico Captive while building with Playmobil. Like the bathrobe he's wearing? He went everywhere in it, to the point where people would stop & say, "Oh poor Lamb, are you not feeling well?"

Jayde tackled a new math lesson this week, at long last! The tail end of this book has been a slow finish for us. His capable of the material, but is just lacking the confidence. This particular lesson really helped in that area though as he was very grounded in the information shared. He finished his work on the first day & said, "Wow, that's all?"

Morgan wrapped up his previous lesson with the test this week. We dragged our feet with it, not from lack of understanding it, but to give him more time with circumference & area which were getting confused. He spent the last 2 weeks working on area alone. Next week he'll move into a new lesson & concentrate on circumference as well.

Jayden started a new book. He wasn't keen to read it because apparently he found it on the shelf & read it over the summer. It's not that he disliked the book, but he wanted something meatier. So, I told him we'd move through it quickly & had him read 3 chapters a day to wrap it up this week. In one chapter the character stayed a bit longer then he should have at his aunt's house due to indulging in cookies she made him, which led the boys to a long discussion about how they should considering visiting their aunt for cookies.

We actually hit Lesson #72 this week in our spelling. Which puts is in the middle of our book, all be it not exactly in the middle of the lessons. We have a few more weeks before we hit the middle point of lessons in the book. weird, I know.

We have more then crossed the half-way point with our devotional, which has led us to debating if we'll start another one when we are done or try another book that I have on the shelf. We shall see. We're still in Joshua in our OT reading, & we've reached some lengthier, all be it slightly odder, poetry in our poetry book.

We're still working with Chem 3 for Morgan, but I pulled CKE Chemistry off the shelf to help explain something we covered in the Eyewitness book. We may or may not continue reading from it as we continue forward with the Noeo Chem.

We had a Dr's appointment bright & early on Wednesday. It was an appalling appointment with a Dr I hope no one else has the disservice of having to deal with. It left us considerably rattled so the kids popped on their audio books & each found a project to occupy them. This was gifted to them by an Uncle who recently moved away.

We hit the beach a few days this week, between rain showers, to walk the dog & get some fresh air. Tuesday afternoon we hung out with Nana for an hour or two while we warmed up. The weather itself was reasonably warm, but our home was pretty icy without power!

Wednesday afternoon my children acted like hooligans trying on new hats. Apparently the hats I bought them when they were 5 no longer fit & people were tired of iced ears on our walks. Morgan told me he'd found a perfect one, but asked me not to look until he had it on. I laughed loud enough a few stock boys turned around to see what was going on. I did not purchase this hat for him, but we did enjoy cracking up Mr S at work with a copy of the photo..

Jayden & I wrapped up Daniel Boone this week. The life of Boone finished before the end of the book, & in the final few pages the author points out some things that were significant in history that were happening during Boone's lifetime. It really gave my boy pause to consider that. Then he got all excited when he realised that one of the episodes of America: The Story Of Us had Daniel Boone in it. He laughed much less about the actor who played DB then the one who played George Washington.

Morgan started his new book this week as well. He might have actually gotten a jump on it last week! Either way, it's another lovely one which I spent most of the weekend madly reading to be ready for the discussions he likes to have when he's reading his books.

Not Pictured:

  • We wrapped up Book C in our Grammar; Hooray! One book left in this level before we move onward!
  • Watched another couple of episodes of America: The Story Of Us. I really tried to put him off watching it until we caught up history wise, but it was pointless, & really it didn't matter..
  • Both boys continued working in their Geography Books {USA & Europe}
  • Morgan wrapped up week 31 & most of 32 with Bookshark 6
  • He also listened to Chapters 10-11 in MOH 3.
  • Jayde learned about weather highs & lows as well as reviewed seasons & hemispheres in science
  • He also wrapped up weeks 12-13 of SL Core D, as well as 3 more lessons in A New Land from WP.
Again, no social outings with the big group this week. Instead we visited with Nana, had our appalling Dr's appointment, visited the chemist way too much, & enjoyed walking the beach this week. Hopefully next week will be considerably calmer for all of us!

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We loved "A Murder for Her Majesty"! The building set looks like fun!