Friday, May 29, 2015

Week In Review: Week 15

Another crazy week for us as we dealt with another child battling a totally different yuck, a booked solid Dr's office, & emotional upheavals as we tread through our week.

Thankfully we had a great supply of library books, audio books, & found a few new-to-us educational shows to help pull us through our week.

We also enjoyed some lovely quiet walks down by our beach again. With raging wind & rain we had it mostly to ourselves, which is always a treat. There's rumour that the resident pelican is back in town & we'd hoped to catch a glimpse of him while we were out there, but no such luck. The storm did drag up a penguin, but the poor little thing was tangled in seaweed & had all ready died when we found it.

I had a child who was pretty convinced I should attempt to revive it, but I insisted that wasn't going to happen. He buried it instead.

Our week actually started out normal! We are continuing through our 90 day devotional {seems like more then 90 days though, doesn't it?!}, out OT readings, & poetry. We are nearing the end of our current poetry book, which is both exciting & sad. It feels like we've been reading this one so much longer then all the rest we've used that it'll be a wee bit unusual to wrap it up & not be using it each day.

We're inching ever closer to the halfway point in our Spelling Book which has caused a lot of excitement around here. Less then 20 days worth of work to go before we hit that point. Yes, the computer screen is blue in the photo above, it has to be for our Irlens boy. I'll explain how I do it in another post entirely. We didn't actually accomplish lesson 72 due to cutting our week short from illness, but we still put the 60's behind us.

Ignore the crazy glowing screen, the room was actually quite dark & when I lightened the photo it over lightened the computer screen. Morgan worked on an essay about Alexander The Great, it's actually a lesson he's done previously, but he chose to start the book again so he wrote a new essay. He found it a bit harder this time as he chose a different topic to cover about ATG's life, he was a little nervous that his efforts wouldn't be worthy because his word count was significantly lower on this essay then the first one, but he actually did really well with it.

Yes, he did his entire writing lesson like this. He said it was because he was tired, & I left it at that. I mean, what's the point, right? At least his handwriting was clear & neat. We had a grand laugh when the photo popped up on the tv that evening though. Mr S sat down, saw the photo & said, "What on earth?!" Ahh yes, just a normal moment in my life Dear..

Morgan tackled a portion of all these books on Monday, & spent the rest of the week wrapping up his audio: The Second Mrs Giaconda. Having been to the da Vinci exhibit later last year it made some of the items mentioned in the book a bit more real for him, & it also made us wish the exhibit was still around so we could go back & see them again.

By Tuesday our boy was an absolute mess: emotionally & physically. I suggested he go put on a onsie {he was freezing} & pull out the bed in the lounge room. We don't actually keep a spare bed in our lounge room, but we have one of those nifty chairs that has a whole bed inside of it. Then I pulled out one of his library books & started reading away.. until my throat became so sore I had to beg for a break. I'm so-so on the book, but he was really enjoying it. The story line didn't bother me, but I found the writing itself weak..

He found this nifty book at the library when we'd been out Monday afternoon & we got him all set up to keep his mind off not feeling well. It cause for some unusual conversations in our home between the "Nerd Herd" as we call them, most people know them as the resident programmers. At one point Morgan sighed heavily & said, "I've been sorting through my code for the past 20 minutes & I do NOT see an error, so just work all ready!" Mr S replied with, "Welcome to my life Mate."

We hit the beach, late in the day, several days to walk the path that runs nearby, & one evening as we headed into town we also stopped off at the park. There were 2 other children there for about 5 minutes before they ran off & we had the place to ourselves. Not hugely surprising because it was rather cold & dark. All the same, it's hard to leave the park when you have the run of it to yourself!

I honestly can't remember if it was this particular week or the one prior, but we had our monthly art meet-up too. It was changed from the original date due to others not being well. Either way the children all looked at impressionist works & then were shown a step-by-step method for mimicking a Monet based on his Field Of Poppies. In fact, the more I think about that this might have actually happened in Week 12.. I'm telling you when I delay recapping our weeks I clearly miss things off. Which means I also missed adding in Lego Club for Week 13 or 14. Alas..

Not pictured:

  • The boys finished off a Rush Revere book & began the second one. 
  • We continued reading the book we started on Tuesday before my throat totally gave out & I found it in audio format.
  • Both boys worked on their geography books {USA & Europe}
  • We began watching America The Story Of US. It was interesting considering Australia did a series like this as well. They certainly moved quickly in the USA show, all though they may have in the Australian version as we didn't watch every episode to know.
  • We hit the beach on Sunday for pinecones. Our power was scheduled to be out the following week for up to 8 hours while various things were replaced in the area. We opted to snag some pinecones {pictures above} should we need to start a fire while the power was out.
It really was a lax week for us, but it happens, & I can handle it so long as every week isn't like that.

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