Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week In Review: Week 13

Another week wrapped up, & another month has ended in our year. Where on earth does the time go? Two different people in our home this week made large announcements about being shocked that it was May all ready, so I totally freaked them out by pointing out this was our final month of Autumn before winter officially arrived.

Our week was a little bumpier this past week from all sorts of craziness happening. Jayde was down with throat congestion & heavily put out that it wasn't sick enough to get him out of math lessons. I'm still fighting a cough that just isn't keen to hit the road, it's really not too bad at this point, but it can make early morning readings rather interesting.

On the other hand we had some lovely weather this week & it was delightful to throw open windows & be outside a bit too. We're appreciating every warm day we still have left before the colder wetter monsoon months of winter arrive.

We crossed the halfway point in our devotional this past week. We're still fully appreciating it our trip through Matthew & the fun, sometimes crazy, devotionals that accompany it. The boys have been enjoying some AIO cds as well that they were given for Christmas. The 25th Birthday Celebration compilation has been the latest hits we've been hearing.

Despite throat congestion he still took part in reading from the Old Testament last week. His throat congestion is really weird & isn't phasing him except when it comes to eating. Archimedes was pretty intent on the reading, all though I actually suspect he was waiting for a moment of lull to swoop in & eat the pages of that Bible. I'm telling you, those birds might look cute, but they are as naughty as anything!

Jayde is officially hitting the Pilgrim phase of his history this term, or rather colonial lifestyles & times. We've added in a few books here like the Colonial Crafts & Colonial Tool book in the picture above. Our Read Aloud for the next couple of weeks is The Trailblazing Life Of Daniel Boone. This is from the same series of books that one of our read alouds last term came from, & I have a few more in the series flagged for other times this year. 

Both boys moved forward in math, all though Jayde will be staying put again for a little bit as he builds confidence. It's interesting how some of those new concepts, despite not hard or all that new to him, have us scrambling to pull out our MUS blocks. He's often not keen to get them out, but I consider it non-optional. I find that by pulling them out for a little while & consistently using them it helps build that confidence quite quickly. Morgan has passed the half-way mark in his own book & is on the downward side of the slope for the most of the remaining lessons. He's pretty pleased by that.

Morgan is still plodding happily forward in his writing book. He's really pleased that he made that choice to turn around & review the beginning portions of the book, which came up again this week in one of his lessons. He's been doing some of these lessons on his own this week as I made video recordings for him to use. I love that he noticed my "one" mistake in the video. Never mind the long pause in which I thought I misread something & debated starting over again.. 

This boy was a bit grumpy about things during the first half of our week, but pulled himself together for the end. He's using Writing With Ease, & despite the topic being Paul Revere this week he was still not tickled pink about writing. Mind you, we had a pencil calamity this week which only added to his frustration. You know what I'm talking about, right?! That moment when every pencil is missing & the only ones you can find break every time you sharpen them.. Yeah, it was weird. I found a few dozen pencils scattered around someone's bed Friday afternoon. Apparently he'd been drawing at night..

Our poppies, from last week, sprouted this week! It caused quite an uproar when the Iceland poppies sprouted early in the week. The Flanders were a few days behind those, & we still haven't even planted the California version yet.  We started Jayde's new science book The Mystery of the Periodic Table this week. It was the missing book from last term. Morgan started a couple of new books in science, but we only got to one of them this week as he has quite a few Chem Labs to tackle over the weekend prior to moving forward. Have you ever read the warnings on a Chemistry Kit?! I'm telling you what, if you haven't.. I'm not sure you want to.

Morgan wrapped up his reader for the week in the early portion of our week & then spent the remainder moving ahead in his history book, The Second Mrs Giaconda.  While listening to his book he built this nifty game board, & in the evenings worked on writing up the rules to the whole thing. There are three pages, crammed full, of rules. Mostly because each different colour square allows you a different type of action. So basically you roll the dice & move, then roll the dice again to determine what fate will befall you on the square you landed on. You collected the crazy minifig heads which you could use as money to buy extra dice & so forth. The objective of the game was to have the most set of minifig pants by the end of the game.

This term we're adding in some Mystery Of History Vol. III for Morgan. He really loved using MOH alongside SOTW & I have to say I like the depth of MOH 3 far better then the former two volumes. We'll be moving at a much slower pace with that book then we did with Volume 2. We're still plucking away with Our Island Story, we've reached the point with our world studies that the stories we hear in OIS are now being heard in our other sources as well. We should wrap up this volume of SOTW this term!

We also had grammar & spelling this week, all though I have no photographic proof of it. We're so close to the halfway point in our spelling book that there's a lot of excitement over that. We should wrap up our grammar book at the end of this term if we stay on track with it, health permitting! 

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