Friday, May 29, 2015

Week In Review: 14

I seem to have fallen terribly behind in keeping up with our weekly reviews, & even considered closing up our little blog, but wouldn't you know those I mentioned it to asked me not to because they enjoy hearing from us now & again.

It's not that we aren't still up to our eyeballs in things, but that we ARE up to our eyeballs in life & all the business it entails. Term 2 has been a bumpy ride for us between Dr visits, crazy weather, & life itself. In fact, last week I had to sit down & pull out our previous several weeks worth of lesson plans to decide what we of school we were on for the year. Yep, it's been that level of craziness around here..

This post is actually our learning from 3 weeks ago, so you'll have to bear with me as I get ourselves all caught up over here..

We've been steadily reading through the Old Testament together still & we finally reached Joshua. The kids are still reading aloud to me, all though somedays only one reads it all to us. Yes, our learning table often looks like this throughout our learning hours until I ask people to use their tote bags to actually put things away in.

We've switched back to Sequential Spelling earlier this year & hit the 60's in Week 14. You'll still find our home littered with spelling words that may need a bit of practicing, & I always add in "bonus" words which are often 1-2 words that someone needs a little extra incentive to remember.

Morgan officially reached Renaissance in history & I pulled out the HSITW Renaissance Pack. The objective is to match the portions we will use up with the addition of MOH 3. We'll see how all that pans out in the long run. In the mean time he worked on the Classes Notebooking piece. It was interesting to compare the simplicity of this layout to the pyramid of the Middle Ages Classes. Which led us to discussing what we'd learned about the Black Plague.

We're still faithfully listening to, & enjoying, Our Island Story. I have to say that due, in part, to the reading of this book as well as our middle ages study my kids were really disappointed in Night At The Museum 3. I can't blame them either, as it showed a huge lack of knowledge, on behalf of the writers, on European history. Morgan is also reading The Second Mrs Giaconda via Learning Ally. It's a lovely story that has brought about all sorts of questions from him about the great artists mentioned within. More about the story later.

We were behind on some of our timeline figures so each week as we add in the new ones we add a few from past weeks. I cut them out in large squares for colouring in & then one of us trims them much more closely before we adhere them into the book.

He's still working away at Chemistry 3 & enjoying it fully. He writes up answers to the questions on the computer & then we print them out for his notebook. He's also moved to using the computer solely for Writing With Skill. I just leave the lesson in audio format & he listens to it & then does the work for that lesson. I'll explain more about that later though.

He's listening to MOH 3 in audio format. I'm delighted that it doesn't have to be listened to with music in the background as he found that heavily distracting with MOH 2. We either listen to SOTW or MOH, but not both in one day. We're taking MOH much more slowly because it's not scheduled in our history & it's just an extra we're enjoying using. I'm undecided on obtaining MOH 4.

I opted to put Jayde's Chem on hold and pull out our weather books for him. He's been fascinated with the weather for a long time, but he's also feared some portions of it. As he's overcome a lot of that he's become more & more interested & with our weather being at the season of change it seemed like a wonderful time to really let him dig in. I'm using the three books above as our main learning sources. The top 2 have a lot of hands on experiments inside, where as the bottom one has plenty of lovelies for his notebook. I'm also pulling resources here & there from around the internet to help round things out & have another book or two flagged that I'm debating ordering now or saving for his birthday. I'll share the official plans shortly.

Jayde had plenty of timeline figures to add to his book. While he was colouring I offered to put on a movie for him as I had several small little things flagged to watch that matched up with what he was learning for history. What a calamity that turned into! Apparently I'd all ready showed them to him, & the one I hadn't we couldn't get to load. I ended up showing him a preview of the Squanto Movie put out by Disney, he was unimpressed based on his knowledge of Squanto. This kid is a history snob.

Needless to say he wrapped his book about Squanto & began the next book, which was about Thanksgiving. He lodged a firm complaint that the book was leaving out a lot of important details. I had to remind him that the book was a bit below him & only doing a "basic" covering of Thanksgiving, but that if he was interested we had plenty more books he could read that would go in depth.

We continued onward with our reading of The Adventurous Life Of Daniel Boone. Needless to say my boy is totally swept away by this book, & fascinated by the information we are reading. He wrapped up his current audio book, & began listening to Calico Captive. He clearly likes it because I've had a hard time dragging him away from it.

No group meet-ups for us this week as our boy wasn't 100%. Instead we hung out at the beach reading books as we took total advantage of the unusually warm weather as we wrapped up our week.


Tasmanian said...

Thank you for not closing your blog :) I love reading your week-to-week diaries. I look forward to that age with my kids, as we are stuck in the 8-6-4-2 year olds stage which is very little "achievement" and a lot of picking up messes.

Nancy said...

Yes-thank you for not closing your blog! I look forward to seeing what you are busy doing. I've enjoyed a lot of your ideas, as well. Thank you!

Allie said...

I'm glad you're keeping your blog going as you can, too! I like coming to borrow ideas for my two! :)