Friday, March 20, 2015

Week In Review: Week 6

I'm behind in keeping up with blogging our weeks this term. I've been down, to some degree, with a migraine for the past two & a half weeks. There is/was supposedly a virus going around that had the side effect of horrible migraine/headache & dizziness. I'm not normally too dizzy with a migraine, but I was in pretty bad shape that first week & a half!

Despite the craziness school was still on last week & we carried on to the best of our abilities. We've reached that point in our term, especially with the vast amount of half weeks that we had, where we're all longing for term break!

We had our first official Lego Club meet-up of the new year this particular week too. The kids were pretty excited, but I felt a little underprepared! No one seemed to mind and all the items made were as lovely as ever.

We had some horribly chilly temps during week 6, which had some of us laughing at how horribly hot we'd been only 2 weeks ago & now here we were debating turning on the heat or getting out another quilt to wrap up in for the day. The heat won out, for a little while anyway.

The boys are still reading aloud from Genesis to me each day, while I read from Matthew to them. They are up to Joseph's life & won't be long until we cross into Exodus, they are pretty excited about that! We won't finish our 90 days of Matthew prior to Easter, which is okay. The devotional is lovely, but we'll have to make note to start it sooner next year! 

Still enjoying using the lovely Character Traits for Children each week. We break it up over 2-3 days reading the character trait story & verse the first day, reading the correlating scriptures the second day & discussing ways we can apply that to our own personal lives. While the book does provide room for journaling, we're just doing things orally at this point.

I absolutely love Portraits of Integrity, all though we don't always do it each week. We generally do a story if it contains a trait we can match up to the trait we're doing in the book listed above. We have the ebook version that we picked up free a few years back, & I really need to print it all out or move it to the ipad for ease of use. This week's story was about Roger Williams & his stand for the Native Americans.

Morgan opted to stay put in math so he could continue to review the concepts he learned. I don't know if it was nerves over the test or true lack of confidence, but I respected his choice & he worked onward. He really does have the concepts & theory of the lesson down so he should be moving forward very soon.

Jayden moved forward in his own math book, at long last! It was a long time coming considering how much time we spent on the previous lesson. I don't think we'll meet our objective of finishing this book prior to Term 2, but that's okay. We've moved very slowly in the new lesson & will continue with it next week. While he understands the concept, again he lacks confidence & I want to be sure he's got both before moving forward.

Our poetry this week was a whole lot of craziness & goofiness. I finished reading one & the kids sat there staring at me thinking I'd made the whole thing up on the spot. Not that I'm prone to do that or anything.. okay, actually I am, but... There were several that caused us great gales of laughter too. We're nearing the end of this book, which is rather exciting because our new poetry book has all ready arrived & is sitting on the shelf awaiting us.

Morgan had a ton to map this particular week thanks to King Louis & Queen Eleanor's crusade. Our map is getting crazy full & we're only in Term 1, we may have to add some additional paper to keep track of what we're doing there!

Jayden's mapping is still meagre, which disappoints him a little bit. He sees how much Morgan has & really wants his own map to fill in. It should pick up the pace soon, & will most certainly fill in when we hit the Revolutionary War & the Western Expansion. In the mean time he's settling for the smaller amounts.

Jayde's book schedule was rather light this week with only Life In A Pueblo & The Adventurous life of Myles Standish. We read the entirety of the first book over the course of the week & reached the point in Myle's book where the pilgrims have finally landed. We read about the Mayflower compact & heard about the scouting party that was going to be sent out to find a place for the group to settle.

Morgan read about the Magna Carta, Richard The Lion Heart, & The Legend Of Robin Hood last week, & continued to hear about the various rules of England in Our Island Story. All of it tied in so well with our read aloud A Proud Taste Of Scarlet & Miniver. As a forewarning, while our read aloud is fantastic there is the occasional choice word in it that I've been known to jump over.

Science, this week, was from Exploring The World Of Chemistry & Chemical Chaos. We've added the later into our studies, & I'm really glad we did. It's interesting how if we hit a deep topic in one of our other science books we'll hit it in a more light hearted approach in Chemical Chaos making a bit of a deeper connection. No lab this particular week as we had no experiments! It's the first time all year we didn't have experiments to indulge in.

Morgan's been adding people from our readings to his timeline. As Noeo didn't provide timeline figures & suggests adding them to it, he's making his own as we go along. Sometimes we just slap them down with basic info & a date, other times there's a bit more detail added to the sticker when we put it down.

Morgan did Chapters 1-3 in Spilling Ink. Truthfully we'd read the first chapters a while back during summer holidays, but we reread them & then read an extra one as well. The objective being that we'll use this book for creative writing purposes throughout the year.

The kids wrapped up the current mystery in their LA programme & practices a few grammar skills while they were at it. Oh, it's always a hoot when they do things like sentence fragments or run-on sentences because you can hear wails of, "This sentence doesn't make sense & it's hurting my head!" 

Friday was our first Lego Club meet of the year. We meet 1x a month & our date for meeting changed this year based on personal schedule{s}. The first theme for this year was Game, with the objective being that each participant create a game out of lego. There were a wide variety of games made! The one above was made by Morgan & came from a game book. His inspiration was the fact that he'd played it over the weekend with Jayden. Don't ask me how to say it, it's an old Viking game. 

Jayden also did writing himself last week. I'm really not that in love with his new writing curriculum. I can be quite picky when it comes to writing, & I don't like the contradictions in his current book based on his previous learning. We'll most likely lay the book aside for a while & return to what we were formerly using. In the mean time Olga joined us for a few lessons this week & there were squeals of, "She peed on the table, I can't believe she peed on the table!!" I promise, it wasn't the kitchen table, but still.. ew!

That was about it for us last week.

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