Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chain Reactions

In my steadfast effort of trying to purchase my kids gifts that keep them away from electronics I stumbled upon a Lego book called Chain Reactions. I was pretty impressed with the ideas behind it & knew that at least one of my boys would build heavily off of the concepts. He's amazing like that, & his creativity with Lego Bricks seems to grow wider with each passing year.

I ended up ordering the book & decided that when it came I'd pop it up in the cupboard for a birthday gift for one of them, or an, "I really need cheering up because this has been the worst red letter day of my life!" You totally know what a red letter day is, right?! In our home we dub a day that was really rotten as a "Red Letter Day" & when they are that bad we make our best efforts to do something amazing so that we don't dwell too deeply on the ugly.

Only, I totally forgot about ordering the book & when two book packages came in the mail the other day the kids asked if they could open them so I said, "Sure!" I knew one was a missing school book, but I wasn't certain about the other. I figured I must have missed one on my list & now it was here. So imagine the look of shock on the kids faces when they ripped open the package & saw the words: LEGO.

The book comes with minimal lego presuming you'll own a few yourself to make the bigger chain reactions inside. It has instructions for making a variety of things I'd label as simple machines, & then differing ways you could use them. It even came with a few paper bits you'd need to make ramps & funnels, buckets & so forth.

Morgan made one of the bigger chain reactions:

After getting it going he's plotting ways to make it even better, of which I have no doubt he'll succeed with. In the mean time the younger one keeps asking the contraption questions like, "Will Mom let us play the Wii soon?" Funny, you know, the machine seems to give him a lot of false hope on that one!

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