Sunday, March 29, 2015

2015 Week In Review: Week 8

Week 8 at long last! It's actually more like our 11th or 12th week to be honest based on our slow stars back, so it's a relief to be here knowing we have one week left to wrap up our schedule for the term.

It's been an incredibly pleasant term, despite a harried week here or there, so we'll be prayerful that our final week of Term is lovely & calm too despite being a short week.

This week we had a lot of reading happening around our home & at one point I simply could not read another word aloud my throat was so incredibly sore! Maybe it was a cold attempting to latch on, all I know is it brought a quick end to our day.

We should wrap up this lovely poetry book next term at some point! We had some tongue twisters inside this week which caused a bit of a stir. One child disagreed about their appearance in our poetry book while the other didn't really care as long as I'd read them again as fast as I possibly could. We're in Matthew 10 with our 90 Day Devotional. Despite it missing from the photo, we wrapped up Genesis & moved into Exodus this week with the boys reading from the OT.

William Bradford & Planning were in our Christian Character Traits for Kids this week. I didn't look for a match-up in Portraits Of Integrity this week, & I rather missed having that addition. This was an interesting Character Trait to look at because I have one who's a planner {to some minor degree} & one who flies by the seat of his pants.

Forward progress in grammar this week, the boys are still enjoying their grammar programme, & I have to say so am I. I love that it's simple but to the point & that after we go over the expectations on the page they set about the work on their own. I bring up the page they are doing on my computer incase anyone needs help with something. Generally, though, they don't need help.

I went to grab the next book to read with Jayde for science & discovered it wasn't on the shelf. Whoops! We decided we'd order it in time to use next term & in the mean time, as the book was about elements, I pulled one off our shelf. We've really enjoyed this lovely book, all though it's had a few quips here & there about evolution. The graphics are alluring & the rest of the information is straight forward. I pulled out the magnet Periodic Table & as we read about the elements we put them in order on the board! 

Morgan & I are still making our way through this book. Our objective is to finish this book prior to term break. We may have to read a chapter or two on the coming weekend in order to accomplish that goal though as we missed a day this week due to that crazy wild sore throat I had!

Morgan continued forward with his one step outlines via Writing With Skill, I was really hoping to find this as an audio book via Learning Ally; at this time, though, it's not. For now I read the lesson to him & he goes off & uses Dragon to complete the work. The notes & plans he makes are jotted on blue paper so he can copy it over without any issue.

Both boys continued with their geography. It's a slow & steady progress for them. Jayden prefers the days when he's only got one state to do vs the days when he has 3, but when he has more then one it generally makes sense based on the way they are linked together on the map.

Jayde & I finished The Adventurous Life Of Myles Standish. Such a lovely read! We really enjoyed adding that book in & hearing about the Pilgrims from another perspective. We also added in Life In A Longhouse Village this past week & read that whole book as well. Jayden's favourite Native Americans are still the Pueblos with the Aztec coming in a close second. He was so excited when we were able to see some Hopi artefacts on tv this very same week. We're crossed the halfway point with The Story Book Of The USA Book 1 which was a bit of a surprise considering we are only in our first term, but we do have the second volume to accomplish in the year as well.

We'd read, a while back, about Joan's stand against the English, in Our Island Story. This week we read about it in SOTW & Kingfisher. Knowing it was coming up I wanted to expaned on it a little more, but our library was lacking. I ended up purchasing both of the books above which we read this week. We read You Wouldn't Want... first as it takes more of a light approach in regards to depth, & then we read the second book. It was interesting to hear her tale told from the variety of perspectives, & we were astounded to learn that the trial she went under can still be read! As in, the notes that were taken {every word spoken just like a court clerk now} are how the author of the second book was able to gather the information for her book.

Morgan wrapped up week 27 in Bookshark 6 this week. That puts him through Chapter 27 in SOTW, which was lovely & exciting for us considering how long we feel we've been at it. We've added in a lot of extras to this study so it's taken a while to get us here! We still have a few books in there to finish up as well as the remainder of SOTW Vol. 2, all of which we'll finish up next term, or so goes the plan!

Morgan finally tested out of Lesson 17 in his math book. Hoorah! He's ready for the Unit Test this week prior to our upcoming break. His lessons after that should be reasonably downhill for him in regards to finishing the book, all though his eyes can play up on him if he has to work with too many digits without enough aids to help him out.

I divided up a lot of what was left of Lesson 19 for Jayden in the week having him do fronts or backs of pages, odds or evens in regards to problems. I'm planning to have him start back to math in our second week of Term Break just with a couple of problems a day to be sure he stays fresh as it took him a while to build up this confidence!

We repeated the spelling lesson that managed to get chopped up over the past 2 weeks. I just felt it was best to repeat it due to the lack of retention which hadn't happened in any other lesson. The boys were a bit surprised by the repeat of words, & when one mentioned something about it I pointed out he should have no issue getting all his words correct then. 

We had an outing at a museum up the coast from us, but I ran off without my phone or a camera & opted to keep going once I realised my mistake. Poor Mr S was distressed all day that I didn't answer a single one of his messages & was hitting panic mode when we got home 6 hours later & reported we were all safe & sound. The exhibit we saw is headed to other areas around Australia before hitting Canada & the USA. While we didn't dislike it, we were disappointed it how it was set up compared to how it was portrayed on the website. Basically it was an interactive town/railroad display. The kids enjoyed themselves & certainly didn't complain about the opportunity to play for a couple of hours in the park with friends.

No science lab this week {again} as Morgan's book doesn't have experiments with it & neither did Jayden's stand in book. 

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