Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 Week In Review: Week 7

The end of our Term is officially in sight at this point. We wrapped up Week 7 last week & have 2 official weeks of work to do, & then we should begin our first break of the year. Very exciting to say the least!

This was a rough week for us, too, with a lot of dreary days that seemed to zap the energy out of a person. We've also had very dark mornings & that always lends itself to sleeping in. We have a time change coming up the first weekend of April, which is exciting when you gain an hour, but semi-depressing as you realise the dark & dreary days will soon be upon us more so then they are now!

On the flip side some lovely new books have been rolling up to our doorstep so we'll have plenty to keep us occupied & busy over the darker months this year. In fact, Audible was having one of their ever present sales, & I snagged the entire works of Sherlock Holmes for $7. There's close to 60 hours of listening in that lovely little bundle. That should keep us set for the winter, once we get through the other lovely books we'd hoped to spend some time listening to!

Our Bible hasn't changed this term, so we're still making our ways through all of these. I think we'll be dropping Through The Bible Devotions however, as I've been sadly unimpressed with a few of the latest devotions. The author's take on particular passages & stories in the Bible seems to greatly differ from that of ours & I found it odd to hear him condemn Joseph for showing off. I don't know, but in all the years I've read the story of Joseph's life I've never once thought of Joseph as showing off, how about you? We are, however, very much enjoying our trip through Matthew with the AIO Devotional.

We're continuing to read Chemical Chaos throughout the week, the kids are still totally in love with it. Jayde realised we were nearly done with it & he audibly gasped & said, "What will we do when it's done?" My response of, "Put it back on the shelf." wasn't exactly soothing for him. I know we have a few others that will lend themselves well to our science studies, but we might hold off for a term or two.

We're reading through Exploring The World Of Chemistry together. It's really a Level 3 Chem book with Noeo that is assigned to Morgan. He's enjoying it & does fantastic on all the quizzes. Jayden picks up bits & pieces & tends to confuse the information on the quizzes making him extra excited when he answers one correctly. I think he tends to flake out during the drier bits & tunes back in when it's interesting to him again, thus the confusion of information.

While it's not in the photo we also read from the Usborne Science Encyclopaedia this week as per the Level 2 Noeo Chem guide. We only had 4 pages to read in there, but a plethora of words to define. Mr S loves peeking at the definitions because the kids also illustrate them & he's usually got tears of laughter streaming down his face from one or the others comic strip illustrations.

Morgan's timeline is coming along with scientists. That's just one page of many he's been filling in as he goes along. I'll have to share later about how he's making the figures. The last one we added was a bit bigger then he'd wanted, but we didn't think about it until he slipped it in & asked me to scribble some information he had on his mind.

One of my favourite poems showed up in our poetry book this week. The kids have memorised a stanza or two of this in the past so they are well familiar with it too. I think we might all be a bit sad when we wrap up this book of awesome poetry. I will say that the schedule we are using has us skipping a few sections of the books, mostly ones that might have to do with particular holidays some might not be very keen to read about. All up though, the book is lovely.

We had more mapping again this week, Morgan's usually has several things to map each week. He uses the littler map to transfer info to the bigger map. This week we covered some of Russia's early history, as in how they became Russia. Very interesting! He also enjoyed learning about Ivan the Great & Ivan the Terrible. Amazing, isn't it, how many great leaders go crazy for one reason or another & remembered for their insane tyranny which really was because they were insane!

Still moving along in LA book C. We won't finish C & D prior to Term break, which I wasn't so sure we would as it seemed a rather lofty goal the kids had set, but I was happy to try & help them reach it. There's really no rush with it & we'll slip right into the next level when we wrap this one up.

Mogan's swimming along with Writing With Skill, he's still on Level 1 outlines with it. He opted to start the book over due to the length of break he'd had between using it previously & starting it back up this year. I need to consider moving him through a few lessons a bit more quickly because these early lessons are incredibly easy for him right now. He outlines his points with Dragon which is lovely for him. Spilling Ink landed in our picture, but we didn't get to it on Friday as I declared an official "outing" day followed by "clean the house before Dad gets home" day. 

Jayden & I worked through these boosk this week. Jayden does some on his own, others we do together. We're every so nearly done with our Myles Standish book, which is rather exciting! He's really loved that book, he's most certainly our biggest Non-Fiction lover in the house. He's laughed so much through his Rush Revere book that we've all had to listen to countless retellings of the things Rush's horse, Liberty, is constantly getting up to. I thought we were going to have to pinch poor Jayde the other day when the horse started dancing! We've made it through the Spanish Conquest in The Story Of The USA, Book 1, & we started The Witch Of Blackbird Pond earlier then intended & changed it from an assigned audio book to a read aloud as he really wanted a few more books this week. 

Morgan's stack only looks bigger because some of these books are thick! Jayde listens in on Our Island Story, but it's in Morgan's stack for one reason or another. We wrapped up A Proud Taste Of Scarlet & Miniver which was a lovely read, we seriously enjoyed the book! The beginning of this study we had some hit & miss books all though we read them all anyway, but as we move farther along the books are becoming much more delightful. Story of The World covered the historical information about Russia I mentioned earlier.

I plunked Jayden back in Writing With Ease & put him in level 3. He was disappointed, but only because the workload was greater then that of Writing & Rhetoric which I wasn't entirely pleased with. He writes summaries & does dictation. He'll cover some poetry in a week or two as well. He was quite okay the first day, but very put out the second day. We had a long chat about learning to write means you actually have to put the pencil on the paper, & he buckled down to work. Yes, he's still in a pj shirt, but I can assure you his pants were normal. I've given up asking why I bother to buy matching sets of jammies a long time ago.. 

Math was review this week & both have tests for lessons & units coming up prior to term break. We didn't have any social outings this week either as our group was off camping in the bush this week down by Mr S's childhood home. 

This is the first year we've been unable to attend due to it not being a long weekend, so instead we met Mr S for lunch & gave him quite the surprise, which was returned when a rat scurried across the rocks on the shore front & I screamed loud enough to make the nearby cafe go quiet. 

No Science Labs this week either, all though they should have 1 more or so prior to term break. In Term 2 they get to crack open the chemistry kit & the excitement abounds from all 3 of them over that one!

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