Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Week In Review: Week 5

Last week we had a shorter week & I managed to end it with an amazing 4 day migraine that just would not let up. In fact, I'm still fighting bits of it as I'm writing this, oh the joy! School wise we accomplished nearly everything we set before ourselves last week.

Just to clarify, the highlighter on my planner isn't for anything special other then to say we accomplished stuff. Each child's page is highlighter in their designated colours. Yes, sadly each person in our home has a designated colour. Other then that though it's just for ticking things off as we go along.

Both boys are enjoying their studies thus far, all though I'm sure the younger one would inform us all, given the chance, that he's not at all enjoying math because there's nothing at all to enjoy about long division. That's usually why we don't give him the chance to make comments about it, we just find sneaky ways of having him use division in everyday life to prove he really does know how to do it & needs to continue forward with his practice. Ha!

Other then math though he really is enjoying himself so far this year, & as a general rule he doesn't despise math, but he's really not at all enjoying long division. In fact he's disliking it enough we decided to rouse his spirits by informing him he only had another 5 math books to go & then he could be done with math. I didn't mention that they might be a wee bit harder then the one he's all ready in..

We start our days with this lovely stack of goodies. The boys read the OT to me, all though not actually from the Adventure Bible despite it being in the stack. We obtained a larger print copy of the Discovery Bible which Morgan is totally in love with due to the larger font. I read from Matthew to them while before we read the devotion from the 90 Days book. I was half out of it last week & managed to read the complete wrong set of verses! I read through the whole thing & the boys finally said, "Um, that's odd because it feels like we missed half of what was going on." Yeah.. migraine weeks can be rough!

We completed another section in our poetry book. This lovely book is broken down by themes & we wrapped up the current section of poems we were reading. The next section has longer selections including a few old favourites I'm excited to get into. 

We've been plucking away since mid-year last year on Sequential Spelling. Morgan's had so much of a better time with it since getting his glasses then pre-tint days. I love that & he loves it too. I won't say he LOVES spelling, but he loves that he's making progress. I tend to sneak in words that trip him up the most via bonus words worth 4 points at the end of any lesson. If you happen to visit our home & find words written on bathroom mirrors or shower stalls, chances are it's a spelling word someone was struggling with. Yes, the screen is blue above. Instead of writing words on a white board {not allowed for our boy & the glare kills him} I put the spelling lessons together via the computer. I had many all ready on there from our last attempt with SS, & I just quickly changed the background to the perfect shade of blue for him. Win-win. He was so excited to hit Lesson 50 last week.

A bit of review with LA last week with suffixes & prefixes. They had to locate them one day within a paragraph of information in order to hunt down clues for the mystery they were working on. Another item we started mid to late of last year & they are pretty excited to see they are now beyond the halfway mark or more with it. I hope they won't be too disappointed when they find the next level isn't a mystery to solve!

Science continued forward & the new science books for Level 3 Chem showed up too, so exciting! I'm behind on Science Lab Sundays, but we've been doing those for our experiments as well. I wasn't present for the most current one, & have no idea if Mr S snapped photos, but I heard plenty about it & found the mess all over the place when I surfaced. As for last week's science we picked back up Chemical Chaos which the kids absolutely love. It's fantastic for adding to our Chemist/Science timeline, giving small bios on various chemists & adding a whole lot of laughter to our lessons. Level 2 Chem had us reading Mysteries & Marvels last week as we explored molecules. Level 3 has us reading The World Of Chemistry where we read about various alloys. 

Tuesday we joined friends for Art In The Park put on by another home educating Mumma. While my boys tend to be the oldest present they really really enjoy the experience. I've been seeking an Art Teacher for them for a while, but despite living in a rather arty community you'd be shocked by how unwilling to teach children people are! Either way they learned a brief bit about John Miso & then created their own personal masterpieces. I'll share how they created them in another post.

Jaydie finished up his reader. He was torn on this book, part of him wanted to be annoyed with the book because I think it lacked the depth he's use to considering the books we've been reading together for the past many years. At the same time the book wasn't horrible & so, despite it's predictability, he enjoyed it. He's been required to answer retention questions &/or give some form of an oral narration after each reading to be sure he's on track. 

I seem to be lacking photos of the children at work this week, but Morgan finished up his reader too. He fell behind with it because I attempted to copy the book, as is, on our home copier, but the results were less then stellar & he had issues with the copy. Upon looking at it I wasn't surprised & had to go the route of getting an ebook & turning it into a PDF, cleaning that up, & finally printing it out for him. He was delighted to be able to just read through it in the end.

He's been loving his new audio book Rush Revere & The Brave Pilgrims. We own a hard copy of the book that Mom sent the boys a while back, which he's more then capable of reading, but I snuck some intentional audio books into his schooling this year. We had a hard time prying him away from this book throughout the week in order to get other things done. 

We officially started the Story Book Of The USA as well. I'm not a typical textbook person, but I do enjoy that these books have quizzes in them simply for the sake of practice. I do find it interesting to see which types of questions my kids thrive on compared to others. Jayde will often try to answer questions on his brother's test, & he's always right, where as on his own test he was much much more hesitant. It made me chuckle.

He's still loving Myles Standish & The Amazing But True Survival Story Of Plymouth Colony, ironically this book will be part of Morgan's studies laster this year too. I don't know how I missed that! We haven't actually reached the departure of the trip yet, we've only read about the various people in hiding & those who made it safely to Holland in an effort to worship God as they chose. 

Morgan's lovely stack of book this week.. He & I have been listening to Story Of The World, the narrator has grown on us over the course of the year we've been using it. Since we've begun using the tests for the book it's amazing how many more finer details he pays attention too as well. Then again, a lot of the material now surfacing in SOTW is starting to repeat much of what we've been hearing in Our Island Story which really helps him. He enjoys hearing the same things a few times over to grasp it more.

Kingfisher is still a favoured read each week, even if it's nothing more then checking out all the amazing things we've read about. Don't get me wrong, we do read the information each week, but we also really love oogling over the pictures of the things we've read about!

Our new read aloud is A Proud Taste Of Scarlet & Miniver & tells the story of King Henry & Eleanor of Acquitaine. The book has an interesting note in our guide because the book starts out in heaven where Eleanor is waiting her husband's arrival. I honestly didn't mind the setting or reference, but Morgan was thrown a little askew by it so I read the note to him reminding him that when it comes to fictional work people have the ability to make a book unfold in anyplace they wish. The majority of the book is about Eleanor's life though & we quickly settled into the story. We're both really enjoying it!

Despite my earlier comments about math hatred I finally let him take the test for Lesson 18 in his book. He was more then ready & did fine with it, don't ask about the tweezers, I'm pretty sure he was picking his nose with them. Don't ask about the eye either, it's my purple highlighter he got ahold of. Seriously, this kid coloured less on himself as a toddler then he does now!!

Morgan stayed put in math, with a vision set back the week before last we only tackled half his lesson  at that time & tackled the remainder of it this week. Next week we'll spend time reviewing it & previously learned information &, baring no issues, we'll move forward there after. It really works out well like that with 2 shorter weeks in a row.

Morgan & I both spent a good deal of time with DuoLingo's French options this past week. Let's just say French brings out the worst in my boy. I think DuoLingo really compliments Rosetta Stone because it explains a bit more of what & why in regards to the verbs & even some of the words. Rosetta Stone shows pictures & in some instances I've misunderstood the item in the picture vs what I was saying.

The upside, for our boy, is that with Rosetta Stone is that you spend more time clicking, speaking, & dragging things around then worrying about spelling. For a person who struggles with English spelling adding French to that is rough on him. At the same time he's determined to keep going, which I deeply admire.

Thursday we met up with our home ed group for the annual stuff swap they have & wouldn't' you know my youngest child came home with a guinea pig. Mr S called me a sucker, while he was pulling the new addition to the family out of the cage & offering her vegetables while letting her scurry around his lap. I informed him I have on problems telling my child "No." It was the 6 other children standing around him holding hands & whispering, "Do you think she'll say yes?" that was more off putting! So, Olga came home with us, was named before we pulled in the driveway, & quickly settled in. She's successfully freaked out the birds, gotten lost in the maze of halls, & prefers to be petted precisely on the bridge of her nose so she can still detect scents of incoming vegetables should anyone be so generous.

Morgan baked up some cookies too, much to his brother's delight. He's been itching to do this weekly for a while now, but was worried about making them "safe" for everyone. I told him to only use the normal dairy subs we use & not fuss over making them "safe" for me. He was a little put out by that, but I assured him he could eat an extra one for me. Jayden deemed them, "So delicious next time you make them make a Warrior Bean Bun sized portion so they last forever." 

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