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2015 Week In Review: Week 4

This week was much calmer then last, in fact it almost felt like an end of term week as we had a lot of books & projects that needed wrapping up which we dedicated our attention too.  We still have a few projects that are lingering which we'll wrap up in the coming week.

It was nice to wrap up what we did though & shelf some books we've been reading for a while! We do enjoy a slower pace with some books, but I think eventually you reach the point where you either have to wrap a book up or feel like you'll never finish reading it. 

We also enjoyed some lovely weather this past week, & endured some not quite so lovely weather too. Summer was most certainly fighting to stay while autumn was battling to arrive. Needless to say it rolled in like a lion!

We're still using the same things for Bible this week. We're into Matthew 6 with our 90 day Devotions. The kids are up to Genesis 27 or 28 this week with reading through the OT. Jayden did most of the reading to us from Genesis this week which was fun to hear. Our character trait this week was Determination. Poetry was much more interesting this week, I'm telling you last week each time I finished the kids would say, "What? I could have done better!" Which resulted in some poem quoting or making up on the spot, but this week they were happier with the selections. 

Jayden remained on reviewing his current math lesson again for another week. He's finally okay with the concept & built up the confidence so he should advance forward in the coming week. I just really wanted to be sure he had the former lesson down pat because it's such a huge lesson in the grand scheme of things.

Morgan moved forward with area & circumference of circles. Only one of those is somewhat new to him as he's previously learned the other. I was a little surprised to see frustration for him with this lesson considering that, especially as he was completely capable of explaining the formula for what he was doing! Upon checking over his work I quickly discovered it was a rough week with his SSS. It's not abnormal to have weeks where his vision issues are more exasperated then others. After a quick chat with Mr S, & knowing our boy knows his math facts & as he knew the formula, we told him to use the calculator to complete the worksheet sections we had him doing. Our boy was horrified by the thought.

The whole SSS thing is equal parts a physical problem as much as it can also be a mental hurdle at times. Physically he was struggling to convert the numbers down to paper properly, & when he did have them right he'd doubt himself & mix them up. This happens from time to time. By offering him the help of the calculator he felt slightly defeated at first that he couldn't physically overcome the burden this week. However, we assured him we wouldn't have permitted him the help if he couldn't have told us the formula or didn't know his math facts. It rallied him.

Both kids are still loving the geography. Jayden was ga-ga that he had New York this week. I have no idea why he was so keen for it, but he was. He uses the books in the pictures above to fill out the information needed on Monday; Tuesday - Thursday it's just drawing & labelling.  Morgan had 3 more European countries this week. 

New workbooks this week for LA, which they were excited about. Not that it looks like a workbook because we bought the digital format & print it ourselves, that allows us to print it on blue paper for Morgan. They covered articles this week: the words, not writing articles for the paper. Ha, now I've semi-confused myself! They both had writing this week, but have a few projects overlapping into next week. 

We wrapped up both Ancient Job books. The Archer book {bottom} we'd started last year & were reading at a lovely slow pace. We did enjoy it, but it was an absolute delight to finally wrap that book up. As it turns out, there's not a whole lot of jobs we'd like to have in the middle ages, all though if we could just try our hands at a few for a day we'd be good. You know, if we can avoid the whole Black Death thing & all.

Jayden & I started the Ballplayers book this year to go along with his history on the Inca & Mayan nations of peoples. It was really a lovely read & tied in so beautifully with the many other books we were reading from, but wowie some of those crazy Mayan words are hard to read! My boy was most attentive to the zoo jobs, big surprise there! He also found some of the other jobs interesting, & some downright horrifying. Or maybe it was the culture itself such as being punished for wearing clothing above your station...

Jayden & I wrapped up Exploration & Conquest this week, another longer picture book written by the same authors of the many others we've read thus far this year. He gasped many times over when we flipped pages & he saw pictures of things we'd been reading in other books. In fact, at one point he snatched the book out of my hand in his excitement & went racing off to find Morgan to show him the Mayan city we'd been reading about. The picture was more of an arial view which just enthralled him.

We also wrapped up Pedro's Journal. It was an interesting read, lighter then I Sailed With Columbus & based on a real journal. Both books mentioned many of the same things which was interesting. I Sailed With Columbus was also suppose to be told by a ship's boy, all though he stayed behind with the men on an island, where as Pedro returned with Columbus & was never seen again.

I hadn't intended to start our new read aloud Myles Standish, but Jayden was very very keen & on Thursday, despite his eagerness to get to the park, jumped up & found the book on the shelf laid it down beside me & pointed out I hadn't read it yet. It's a non-fiction telling of many things that happened in that time frame & even tells a bit of the reformation. We're only halfway through the first chapter, but he loves it. I'm not surprised, he's my non-fiction reader!

He'll wrap up A Lion To Guard Us next week. He's not sure if he likes the book or not, which I'm a bit surprised about, but I think he's looking for a book with a LOT of action in it. We may take a while to find one he won't put down. He is, however, very relieved this book doesn't have another language thrown into the mix.

We had more readings in Kingfisher this week then Story Of The World, but perhaps that's because of a glitch in our guide which had us rereading a section in Kingfisher we'd previously read?! Weirdly enough I read it again anyway. We're still moving slowly through Our Island Story & enjoying it. Morgan wrapped up Otto this week & was very keen to discuss it for some time after doing so, clearly a big hit with him. We'll start 2 new books next week & finally be at a point where we aren't adding anything in aside from our daily dose of OIS.

Jayde filled in a couple of notebooking pages. They are pretty simple, but I like that he has something to mark that he's read up or wrapped up a historical figure or time period. He was suppose to write his name in Mayan this week as well, but the page has gone missing! I need to find it so he can tackle that next week.

Morgan's new timeline book arrived so he'll stick down things in there in the coming week. He's pretty excited about it. He hasn't been doing notebooking at this point, & I'm okay with it for now. I may have him write a little bit about someone from our main study when we move from one period to another. We'll see.

Both kids were together this week for science. Don't laugh, but we've, once again, shelved General Science. Mr S was as unimpressed as I have been in the past. So I quickly ordered Level 3 Chem from Noeo for Morgan & as we awaited for his own books to arrive he just joined in on Level 2. Level 2 is still jam packed with a lot of information. They had a variety of words to define & illustrate this week, & will have labs on the weekend with Mr S.

The Level 3 guide showed up late this week, but now we need the first book to show up as well. In the mean time he gleans from the Level 2 lessons & has been enjoying hearing readings from Chemical Chaos. I'm not at all worried about it as when Level 3 comes we'll just be doing the Level 2 & 3 readings together anyway.

Not pictured:

Morgan had his own reader this week; he was behind a bit because first the book wasn't available for him on blue paper & then once it was the math issue was leaving him a limp noodle without enough brain power left for reading. Giving him the math aid really helped clear that up which brought a smile back to his face.

We met up with our Home Ed group at the park this week for a play. The kids were delighted having missed our the week previous.

The boys also came along to help measure some things for Nana's new abode, she'll be moving in very close to us sometime next month if all goes well with the building process. It was lovely to check out her new place, meet a few friends that will be living in the same area with her, & help her get measurements for various upcoming needs. We also gave her a quick tour of our very tiny town so she'd know where things were within close range of her new home.

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