Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Writing With Skill

We've been big fans of Writing With Skill for a few years now. I've been asked about WWS a few times over & I often mention that we've only, thus far used a portion of Book 1. We shelved it for a while when Morgan's vision went wacky & will pick it back up again this year. All the same, I love the way it teaches writing, specifically expository writing.
The book covers summaries, note taking, essays, & more. I find that it does it all in a step by step process that I find to be very simple. Writing is something I tend to be pretty passionate about & how it's taught, so I can be pretty snobby about writing curriculums. Yet, this one fits the bill entirely.

I figured I'd share this video & allow the author to explain the entire programme entirely on her own. Really, it's a very quick & informative video filled with a good dose of humour too. 


Anonymous said...

We love WWE too! My oldest is halfway through it. The only assignment he didn't like was having to write a negative description of Sir Isaac Newton.

Anonymous said...

I meant WWS above...I should have another cup of coffee before commenting!