Sunday, February 15, 2015

Science Lab Sundays: Week 2

It was another Science Lab Sunday around here.. the day in which Mr S rounds the kids up & all experiments from the week are performed.  Jayden had 3 this weekend, with another one from this coming week due next weekend!

I'm really loving the Noeo Science that he's using, but some weeks are very heavy on the experiment side. Not a huge issue because that's what he loves the most.

At this point all his experiments are coming from the book Adventures With Atoms & Molecules. I'm not sure if it's available elsewhere, but you can certainly obtain it from Noeo Science. We purchased ours second hand in Australia.

Jayden's experiments all echoed the molecule information we studied this week, & oddly enough one of Morgan's experiments was identical to Jayden's. Which turns out to be a great thing, because I only managed to snap one photo before I was needed elsewhere.

Jayden's first experiment was all about seeing if the molecules in essence was small enough to work through a tied balloon. His hypothesis was right in that he would be able to smell it, but his reasoning was a little skewed. We don't have vanilla essence on hand so they subbed with peppermint, he knew peppermint has a strong smell & that's what he based his idea on.

His second experiment needed food colouring. Oh how I loathe the stuff! We rarely use it aside form science stuff! We have the squeeze bottle type in there, but someone had chucked it to the top shelf of the pantry so he grabbed he bottle that opens like essence. That did not end very well for his shirt. It didn't end well for his experiment either because his drop turned into a tablespoon! I pulled out the squeeze bottles & they redid the experiment with the expected results.

Mr S is still new at this whole teaching thing without being run off by the kids. Yep, it really happened the one, & only time, he tried to sub for me. Last week he realised that teaching two kids, totally different sciences, was a challenge & I suggested he teach one at a time from the start of an experiment to the completion of the lab reports. I offered to help oversee the filling in of lab reports if needed. Mr S called one child in, they did all the experiments & then when he called the second child in I heard a roar of laughter. Yep, this time they were doing the exact same experiment! I have on idea why, but they are recording the experiment they were doing.

They did it once & then repeated it for the sole purpose of recording it. I think it was incase Morgan needed to refer back to it for data information while Mr S was at work. Last week we sent him an SOS while he was in a meeting to confirm data from our first Science Lab Sundays! It beats the time we sent him a horribly funny photo & he burst out laughing so that everyone wanted to know what was so amusing & then he got stuck sharing the photo with everyone. The office replied with an office selfie...

As for the experiment itself it was seeing if molecules move faster or slower in hot water vs cold water. Jayden presumed hot water would make them move faster, but he had no logical reason for it. Morgan, on the other hand suggested that if it's easier for him to get out of bed or do chores when he's warm vs when he's cold, then it stands to reason that molecules would move faster in warm water.

He even went so far, in his non-pictured lab report, to point out the connection between boiling water in which you can visibly see the water bouncing around which also aided him in his hypothesis. I was actually impressed with the entire theory he laid out.

Jayden only filled in one lab-report today & will complete the rest during the week. His was based on the first experiment in which he wanted to know if molecules were small enough to escape the closed wall of a balloon. He was a little disappointed that they escaped, but did not create a huge bang. In the mean time, the rest of us took pure delight in his notebooking picture. I absolutely love looking at the sketches this kid does!

Noeo Chem 2; Apologia General Science

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