Sunday, February 8, 2015

Science Lab Sundays: Week 1

Over the summer we had a parent/teacher meeting, or is that a Principle/Teacher meeting? Who knows, it could be classified as so many absurd things! The point is, that I reminded Mr S that he was suppose to be overseeing the science, especially experiments & lab times. The conversation resulted in the kids doing the work through the week & meeting up for labs on the weekends.

This weekend marked the first of their labs. Both kids had experiments that needed doing, & while none of them were difficult I was honestly relieved to hand it all over to Mr S & let the guys go at it.

The only rule was that the kids fill out lab reports, especially Morgan so that he grasps now exactly how those are dealt with. It's not abnormal for the kids to fill out notebooking pages based on experiments, but as Morgan gets older we get a little bit more official in the things we have him doing each year. Lab reports made the cut.

After giving Mr S the books & pointing out which experiments needed accomplishing I evacuated the room. I wanted to quickly fill in my planner for the week ahead, & I really really didn't want to see the mess I was pretty certain was about to ensue. I snuck back in for a minute to dash upstairs & on my way through snagged a couple of photos, but Mr S assured me he had that angle covered too.

Yeah, Mr S wanted "funny glasses" to conduct the labs with. All I could find were some kids safety glasses that came with a wood kit one of the boys got a few years back. He lost control of his students pretty quickly who told him how insanely ridiculous he looked, but I'm pretty sure that was his objective.

There was a whole lot of laughter coming from the kitchen & a few amazed gasps as well. All up though, they all really enjoyed themselves & walked away more then capable of writing up conclusions about what they'd learned.

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