Monday, February 2, 2015

Last Minute Selections

I always find myself spending a lot of time reviewing our plans for the year ahead the week before we start. I wanted to double check book lists & make sure I'd ordered all the books, which turned out to be wise because 2 spines were missing. I don't know how I managed that one!

I totally dismantled the book list for Jayden leaving on the suggested reading books in place. I'll debate changing those after I see how he copes with the intended schedule. With him covering US history Year 1 {Sonlight Core D} I wasn't too keen on the way some of the introductions of things were represented.

For instance, there's a beautifully written note in the Instructor's Guide about the myth that Columbus found America. I was delighted to know that they'd cover this & then opened up the books & see that the books used don't actually set that record straight. Rats! On the flip side our last time through US history we used some beautiful books from Winter Promise & we still had those on the shelf. I simply pulled them off, & swapped books around. I know I'll get asked a lot about books this year based on how much I've changed so I'll include our list here. Please note I'm not including the reader list because the only thing I've changed about that is to drop The Courage Of Sarah Noble from the 5 Day schedule in order to slip The Corn Grows Ripe in. My boy has read Sarah's story a couple of times all ready, but he's never read the other book.

We'll be using:


Read Alouds


It looks like a lot of books, & if we take more then this school year to accomplish what we've set out to do, that's okay. I'd rather that the information was learned, & learned well then that we rushed through. Having said that I feel I should clarify that we won't be using all these books at one time. We'll have 1 read aloud, 1 audio, & generally 1 history book going. Many of the history books I've added in are longer picture books that are full & rich. We've dropped some of the scheduled readings from The USA Story Books at that time.

While we may read more then 1 history book in a week it doesn't mean we'll read them in full or that we'd read 2 in one day. The first few weeks do have more then one scheduled a day simply because we read a page or two from the second book on our list until we've completed it. My boys really love that series & there's one more in it that we don't own yet, but I'm thinking of saving that until next year, if they can wait that long!

For normal clarification sake, if I link to Book Depository it's an affiliate link, we purchase our products from Winter Promise in digital format, & our audio books pretty much always come from Audible with occasionally finding one at the library or elsewhere. 

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Kristina Uptegrove said...

Kendra, I love seeing your year all planned out. I'm always trying to figure out how to combine Sonlight and WP and since you're just a year or two ahead of me it gives me such great ideas! Thanks for sharing all your hard work.
-Kristina U