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2015 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 2

Week 2 is now officially under our belts. We had a choppy week on our first week back so we were a bit nervous heading into week 2, but a quick meeting resolved most of our problems & everyone buckled down to business.

We had a few minor interruptions to the week with a Dr's appointment on Friday & a birthday on Tuesday, but we did school both days regardless. I know, I hear you, many people take off for birthdays & we have in the past but considering my kids were building with lego most of the day I figured they could listen to me read books to them at the same time.

We had an unexpected interruption on Wednesday with having to go into town & get a pair of glasses repaired & another pair adjusted to stop falling off my face. I had the kids take books with them because I knew we'd either be in & out or waiting forever. We had a mild wait, & a huge laugh listening to an elderly gentlemen attempt to explain how & why his glasses were so incredibly mangled. I'm guessing it's an often occurrence because they simply walked into the back room popped his lenses out & slipped them into new frames. Gotta love the insurance Eyelines offers on their glasses, totally worth it!

The memory box was back in use this week. It was idle all summer & most of Term 4, so I freshened it up on the weekend & prepared it for use. We had a few things that needed working on & I knew the quickest way for that to happen was to slip them in the daily section. We're not working on any new verses or poetry right now, but we'll be adding some in soon. Our taps are looking pretty shabby these days, aren't they?

We started the year reading our 90 Devotions from Matthew book, a beautiful devotional on many levels, but especially leading up to Easter. We discussed using it annually at the start of the year for that very reason. We're not into the bunny or all that goes with it, so this is a lovely way to keep our focus.

Still working our way through Favourite Poems Old & New. We had a few really funny ones this week about chickens & ducks, but there was an equally lovely one about ducks that I kept quoting bits of until someone said if they heard the poem again they might scream.

Geography is reasonably light this year with the focus being more on recognising countries, drawing them, & labelling them. Mondays are the longest with the curriculum in which you fill in a few details. This particular week Morgan had 3 countries & Jayden had 2 states. So far they are still enjoying it, all though Morgan commented that our Atlas is out of date & doesn't have the correct population count in it for some countries anymore. Google to the recuse.

The kids are reading from the OT & made it through Genesis 11 this week. They are following a scheduled in one of our SL IGs & it's been fun to sit back & let them read to me. I was worried about Morgan coping with it due to the white pages, but he found using a light blue overlay changes the colour of the page without making it too dark. Hooray!

Morgan wrapped up some science notebook pages that were keeping us from progressing. The notebooking aspect is a bit fiddly, but more so for him as he needs to record all his answers with Dragon, print them out & then glue them into his notebook. He became frustrated with a table he was filling in because his slips of paper turned out to be too long for the available area. I wonder if Apologia ever considered an editable pdf of their nifty journal...

Jayden's still doing well with Noeo Chem 2. Lots of words to define on Tuesday, okay not heaps, but 4. He had some pretty heavy duty words, & when I read the final section to him on Friday I was able to leave gaps in what we were reading so he could fill in the missing words. I loved hearing that knowing he was grasping all that we were doing. The notebooking pages is when I made.

Tuesday someone turned 14. Where did the time go?! He was delighted with his gifts & enjoyed the well wishes he received from across the state & ocean. Even ended up with a homemade card in the mail which delighted him to no end.

The weather is iffy lately, but the guys were keen to try out the new 2-way radios to see how far apart they could be & still use them. We headed down to the beach after a bit of school on Tuesday & I told them to start walking in opposite directions. Yeah, I totally forgot the 2-ways could reach up to 25 miles apart in optimal conditions. The dog & I were scavenging in tide pools when the dog started going nuts whining at me to move on. I didn't give him much heed but when he started pacing I looked up to see what was going on & realised he was torn about which direction to go because both kids were completely out of sight for as far as I could see. I told the dog to find one child while I went off in search of the other. On the bright side, the kids were pretty impressed with how far they made it before I pulled them back in!

Adjectives, prepositions, & prepositional phrases, Oh my! The kids totally rocked grammar this week, which doesn't really surprise me as they are familiar with the parts of speech. It's left me deep in thought about which way to go when they finish up the course they are on which should happen by the end of the Term. Either way, they are still really enjoying the LA from WP & enjoyed a nifty MadLib type exercises this week.

There was a lot of robotic building happening. Jayde has never shown much interest in it before, but was really keen to pull out the Wee-Do Lego one miserable afternoon while Morgan was attempting to perfect the programming of his own robotic lego. Im not sure it was cold enough for the lama hair sweater, but we did have a really icy morning this week. Autumn is quickly approaching.

Jayde was flying along with math & suddenly hit a brick wall last week. I decided to stop right there & give him time to pause. He did fantastic on what he was needing review time with until his brother bounced into the room & informed us all that he had a few new jokes to test on us. Love the bump on Jayde's wrist? He has a bug bite that just won't heal. I finally had him put some homemade salve on it last night.

Morgan's stack of books for history this week. We've enjoyed them all thus far. The bottom is read as scheduled, just a couple of pages here & there, but we really enjoy it. Medieval Medicine & The Plague...yeah, I dunno. What we learned about the Black Plague in that book was remarkable, but the pictures, on man the pictures! Morgan could not look at them, & I confess some were downright awful. People being sick, blood letting, you get the point, right? The book is informative, but I'd preview before using. We're still working away at Arches & Alchemists, oddly enough we read about "Dr" type jobs in there too in the same week. He's loving Otto Of The Sliver Hand which he's reading on his own, or listening to I should clarify.

We're reading The Great & Terrible Quest together & enjoying is very very much. We've had a really hard time putting it down, which is exactly what we needed!  Red Hugh wasn't as easy to get into & it was so nice to have something we both wanted to spend hours reading.

SOTW is also being used as scheduled in our guide. It's been fun seeing how some of the stories match up or overlap with what we're reading in Our Island Story. It's amazing, & incredibly sad at times too, what some people did in an attempt to have power & control over others.

Jayden & I enjoyed this stack of books this week. We've added in Native Homes & Ballplayers & Bone Setters. We read all of Native homes this week, he's still really smitten by the Pablo homes, we should have another week or so to go of the Ancient Jobs book. He was unimpressed that one of the lovely dishes they use to eat consisted of frogs & chillies. For my "can't handle spicy food" it was more then he wanted to think about.

Pedro's Journal & Walk The Worlds Rim are both scheduled in his core. Having said that he's so enjoyed the later that he's begged off more chapters a few days in a row. It really is a great read, & we're enjoying it muchly, I'm curious to see where it will go from where we are because the main character has some maturing to do before the book will end.

Pedro is a boy on Columbus' ship & is written in diary/journal format. It's a very quick read & reminds me a bit of the book I Sailed With Columbus but in simpler text. Pedro is more about the journey where as I Sailed... is about the entire adventure & the truth in how some of the native peoples were treated as well as some of the peoples on the boat.

We also listened to Adventure In Odyssey's For God & Country which had a story about Columbus on there as well. I was a little disappointed with the sugar coating of that version compared to the books I've mentioned above, but it was a fun story & great to hear differing perspectives of history as well.

Morgan spent a good portion of his week building this robot & then programming it to do a variety of things. At one point I heard shouts of, "Ow! Cut it out!" & wondered if the boys were having a skirmish only to walk in & discover the robot was shooting little balls at him. Apparently that wasn't exactly what he'd meant to tell it to do.

Jayden is still working on his notebooking page for the locations of the Native American Tribes. We're not filling it in in any particular order. I just tell him to select one or two each week & he colours them in & labels them. I've had to trace over his handwriting in pen because sometimes we can't see!  I did notice that generally he's picking the areas we are studying about. He'll probably work on this for another week or two. It's part of the American Story Notebooking pages available in E-Format over at Winter Promise.

Without ranting too much, all though I reserve that right considering this is my blog, I was a lot unhappy with the fact that Leif Ericson was only glossed over in the history he was doing this year. It's one reason why we added in some of the books we added in & dropped off some of the others. Either way, we read about Leif Ericson & his contribution to America's history. I pulled out the Viking notebooking page from the same pack the Native American tribe paper came from & he cracked the code & coloured in the viking.

He also add Vespucci to his timeline along with Ericson & finally Columbus. The timeline pieces for Vesupcci & Ericson were ones I printed out of our HSITW Timeline Cd, but Columbus came from his timeline pack. I was really disappointed with the {or lack of} representation of each of these men, but I'm grateful we had the books on hand to rectify the situation.

Morgan was suppose to add a few men to his own timeline book, but it hasn't arrived in the mail yet. Here's hoping it shows up bright & early Monday morning! He's pretty eager to dig into it as he has a few figures he could have added by now.

There's more...

We also continued with spelling this week, someone was delighted to be back at the top of his game with spelling again this week. He was a little annoyed with himself for getting so many wrong & not scoring his normal. It was the inspiration he needed to pick up the pace again. With Sequential Spelling it's like having a test everyday, but as the words build off of each other it's very possible to score correctly if you follow the clues & study the words you missed the day prior.

We also met up with our local group at the beach this week, or the park depending on which half you wanted to be in. It was chilly when we left our house so we didn't go with the intention of getting wet, not sure if the kids regretted that in the end of not as they were pretty hot after all those scooter tricks.

After reading in the Ancient Jobs book about working on Tapestries we looked up The Bayeux Tapestry, wow, there was a great number of facts in the book we'd read about this piece of work.

Jayden finished off his reader The Corn Grows Ripe & is tickled pink to be moving into something else which he hopes is more exciting & not just about the day to day life of living in MesoAmerican times.

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