Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 1

Our official first term started this week. Goodness, all that prep leading up to it & wouldn't you know we got off to a bit of a wonky start around here anyway. That's the way life goes isn't it?

Nothing like an unexpected, & quite urgent, Dr's visit to shake things up mid-week. Can I just say nothing yanks my kids out of sleep as quickly as whispering into the room, "Boys, I have to go to the Dr. I'll be back soon." Both of them sat bolt upright. I suppose, in all fairness the last time they were told that I was being rushed off in the back of an ambulance. Nothing quite so drastic this time, thank goodness!

Despite the wobbly start, & wonky middle we completed the work we set before us which gave us all a great sense of accomplishment. It's always such a great feeling for them to be able to look in their planners & see that they've accomplished what they set out to do & know that nothing is hanging over their heads.

They also enjoyed meeting back up with friends in our local homeschool group, not to mention a day at the pool. Ironically, we'd discussed as a family invading the local public pool the first day the public schools went back, but as it turned out that happened to be the same day our group was meeting there! Not a bad way to start back really.

Monday rolled in bright & beautiful complete with a text message that this was the day a favoured cousin was strolling off to the mainland to greet the next great adventure in her life. Thankfully we don't live too far from the docks & I shouted out to round people up. What a site we must have looked dashing up to the observation deck because the favoured cousin couldn't disembark the doors had all ready been sealed. There we stood shouting over the water incapable of hearing each other. Thankfully Mr S had her on his mobile phone so messages were conveyed more properly & security decided we weren't in need of removal.

We're reading from Luke each day again, we seem to hit one of the 4 gospels each school year, if not all of them. Always a delight. As we're on a four day schedule this year we're using our Devotional on the 5th day. It covers Matthew & the life of Jesus, which I will be lovely leading up to Easter. Jayden was a little confused on that statement considering it was made after reading about the lineage & birth of Christ.

The boys are suppose to be reading the OT on their own this year, but as we're awaiting the arrival of the other easier to read Bible they've been splitting the reading for the day aloud at the table & reading it to me. It's always a fun treat, especially to hear Morgan reading without hesitation or assistance. He's really struggling with those white backgrounds & seconds after the photo was snapped he snapped his blue overlay back on top.

Jayden & I enjoyed a stack of books, mostly, based on Native Americans. Much of what we read about this week took place in Mexico so we covered more of the Mayan civilisation. He's reading The Corn Grows Ripe on his own, & I'm reading Walk The World's Rim to him. We also read Native Americans, The Discovery Of The Americas, & the first 21 pages of Ball Players & Bone Settlers.

He's enjoying the majority of the books above, all though he's not as pleased with his current reader. He doesn't enjoy the flavor of Mexican words tossed in that trip him up because they don't sound out properly. On the other hand he is enjoying the story, & I think that won out on his frustration.

Morgan enjoyed a different stack of books pertaining to the middle ages this week. We've been listening to Our Island Story for some time now, listening to just one chapter a week. It focuses on the history of England but it's been a lot of fun to listen to it alongside our other stories. Story Of The World Vol 2 is scheduled out in his Bookshark, & this week we read about the first Australians & New Zealanders. We're still enjoying Archer's & Alchemists, all though he was totally mortified with one of the chapters this week having to do with middle age doctoring. He's not a fan of blood, poor kid. Kinfisher is also scheduled in his Bookshark, & we've really enjoying using it as our readings generally tie in with our SOTW readings.

Red Hugh was our read aloud, & one we added in to his studies. Truthfully a good way into the book & we're just not feeling it. I'm not one for dropping books often, but this is one we've opted to lay aside for now & pick up our next read aloud instead. We may or may not come back to Red Hugh.

We tackled the next 4 lessons in spelling which means they have their first evaluation coming up. They both did well this week with one being a bit more tripped up on a couple of words then the other. I'm pretty sure it had a lot to do with not taking up the suggestions of writing the words he missed in his planner.

We also had review in our LA with basic grammar. They did well enough with it we probably could have just moved on, but the idea of skipping a lesson in which they could have solve a lovely new mystery. They really do love the programme!

The boys started their new geography programme, Drawing Around The World. One is doing USA the other Europe. Check out that freehand drawing of Maine Jayden did, I was seriously blown away by it! Some weeks he'll cover one state, others 2. The lessons each day are very simple & concentrate mostly on recognising & drawing the state or country. Morgan tackled Iceland.

Jayden's current audio book is Captain John Smith: Foothold On The New World. He wasn't to impressed with it the first day, but by the second day he couldn't put it down & I found him acting out the book, to some odd degree, while he was listening. By the end of the week he was so smitten with it he tried to convince Morgan that instead of finishing their bedtime book they should just put on John Smith!

Morgan's listening to Otto of The Silver Hand this week. He also found the start slow, but more interesting as it got going. We heard him laughing a few times while listening, mostly over some of the questions young Otto asks the monks he lives with. In the picture above he's actually looking at Mayan building he was debating trying to build...

Morgan tackled more science this week, I need to change things up a little bit in how he answers the On Your Own questions. He's taking lovely notes, but only on the portions that really capture his attention, which means he misses out on a bit too. He also has a couple of experiments that he'll tackle this weekend. Jayden was ahead in history so he just has an experiment to get to which he'll tackle on the weekend with Mr S. He's pretty excited! Looks like we'll be having some Science Saturdays around here!

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