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2015 Week Wrap Up: Week 3

Another school week wrapped up in our home. It was suppose to be a little quieter & calmer of a week for us, but you know I've learned that stating that out loud is like praying for patience. You'll have to endure the trials in order to obtain the desire. Needless to say we had a semi-crazy week, but the outcome was all good.

We had our biennial meeting with the state moderator in regards to homechooling, we met via Skype this time which was new for all involved. The meeting went well despite the new technology & the kids thought it pretty cool that I only made them help tidy up one area of the house instead of worrying about the whole thing. This allowed them to get their normal studies done & do chores in their normal time & fashion. A win for all of us.

We used a portion of each of these books this week. Jayden was not impressed with much of the poetry this week, he found many of the bird poems, "a little bit weird, don't you think?" We're using the 90 Days in Matthew Daily in place of the NT reading in our IG right now. We'll move back to the NT reading from the IG as soon as we finish the devotional. Through The Bible Devotions matches up well with the OT reading the kids are doing via the IG so we read the devotional that matches up to what they are reading for the week. We weren't as regular with the Memory Box this week as we normally are.

These are the lovely Character Trait books we're using. I printed out Character Traits For Kids in full before school started & we're just working through one trait a week as they are laid to follow early US history. The one behind it is Portraits Of Integrity. It's not laid out in the same fashion, but rather with character traits in alphabetical order. I was out of paper at the time so I didn't print it out in full yet, but really need to. Instead I've just printed out the trait we need each week. Last week we learned about Courage.

We progressed another 4 lessons in spelling covering some new word patterns. They had no issue with most of the words on their lists which delighted them to no end. They did have to differentiate between a couple of similar sounds that were spelled differently though so it wasn't a futile lesson by any means.

We finished the 2nd language arts workbook on grammar focus, which meant mostly a review work. They didn't due too badly with it, & it seemed a timely place for a review for them to gauge how things were going. They have 2 more workbooks to go before moving into the next level. The next level pretty much repeats what was learned in this one, but that's okay.

Jayden started Writing Rhetoric this week, he was so very very excited about it. The only complaint I have, thus far, is that the lines in the book for the student to write on aren't conducive with the method of handwriting we've been using. I also find that at this stage if he doesn't have the specific lines we've been using {HWOT} he's less likely to write neatly. I had him do his dictation on our HWOT paper & we cut & affixed it into the book. At the end of the week he had to rewrite a fable that we'd read with a mouse being the largest character. His new story was entitled: The Mouse & The Silverfish. Yeah, this kid totally lives in Australia & cherishes the home library. I'll share his written work later.

Morgan was suppose to use another level of Writing Rhetoric & we'd even gone so far as to purchase it.. prior to his last specialist appointment. The book requires: reading, copywork, dictation, writing. He's not suppose to do the two middle things in order to allow his brain to concentrate on the more important things like writing & reading. While we could have used the programme without those middle two areas being covered it somewhat diminishes the value of the lessons. So we decided to pull out Writing With Skill earlier then intended this year. Neither of us minded, but he decided, two days in, he'd like to start at the beginning of the book again. I was a bit surprised by the request, but agreed that starting on Monday that's what we'll do.

Yes, I'm fully aware that Rush is not short for Russia, I've even told the child that a few times this week...nor is FL short for Finland. However, I did love his sketches in geography this week! His focus was on Russia, but the objective of the curriculum is that they continue drawing & labeing previous countries/states.

Jayden is covering the New England area still & opted for an extra large drawing of some of those tiny little states. He was frustrated with drawing Vermont & New Hampshire {yes I'm aware he's got the wrong letter on top...} in their smaller fashions.

Jayden's focus in history is still on early Exploration. They've finally found land in Pedro's Journal, & we're learning what the men did once they found land. He's enjoying the new reader this week, all though was seriously put out by the way one of the characters treats the children. It was humours that when I asked him a question about the book he answered it & then flopped down in a chair & went on a long tirade about how mean this woman is because "she actually threw a dish at one of the children!"

We wrapped up Walk The World's Rim, & added another timeline figure to his notebook. He thoroughly enjoyed the book! I'm having him keep a writer's response type journal for books read this year. Nothing fancy, just a couple of sentences about the books. The ones he reads on his own use one type of report, where as the ones we read together use a differing one. He had to give an opinion or something he learned from this particular book & I was highly impressed with what he came up with.

Morgan had a lot of lovely places to add to his markable map, he was overjoyed! We mark what we read about after locating it on the map included with our guide. This year they each have their own markable map because they both love using them so much. Jayden was a little sad he only had a couple of places to mark.

Morgan's focus is coming towards the end of the middle ages, all though we still have a couple of weeks before the change into renaissance takes place. We enjoyed all of the books above as well as Our Island Story. We've finally reached the point in our studies where our books are all starting to meet together, which has been exciting to see. Morgan is listening ti Otto of The Silver Hand on his own, we listen to SOTW together per his request, & I read Kingfisher to him because there's just no way I'm copying that book on blue paper right now! We're nearly at the end of Archers & Alchemists which has been a long time coming, making it very exciting.  The Great & Terrible Quest is his current read aloud & we're absolutely loving that book.

He also had a stack of timeline figures, but his timeline book is taking it's sweet time about arriving. Alas, he coloured them in & we've tucked them away until it arrives. Maybe this coming week?

Both boys did science. Once again our attempts with General Science are short lived. It's not the topic or the depth of the book that's the problem, our boy had no issue with the lessons, it's that we as parents are just not content with some of the content. So we've moved Morgan into Chem 3 via Noeo science putting them both in the same content but on their own levels. I have no qualms with them sitting in on each others lessons & taking what they can for them.

Morgan's books & guide aren't here yet, but thankfully the samples allowed us to get started which was lovely. He also sat in on Jayde's lessons which were readings from the above book. They both had a few words to define which they did. Morgan does his via fillable notebooking pages on the computer where as Jayden's are done by hand. They both illustrate the words as desired. Labs will happen on the weekend.

And that pretty much sums up our week. We had our meeting this week when our group would normally meet so we didn't meet up with friends much to the kids horror. There was a lot of robotic programming happening, and creative play as well.

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