Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Planner

Another new year upon us & it's nearly time for a new school year to begin in full. I debated the whole making a planner thing for this year, mostly because with the kids keeping their own planners I wasn't sure how much I'd need my own. Yeah, but the thing is I kinda like having a planner & filling it in as I move through each week. Yeah, that's probably weird, but it's how I tend to roll!

The upside was, because I didn't change much in the planner from last year it was a quick adjustment of dates & updating the small bit that I did change. It didn't take me very long.

Then I realised that the only photo I had to slap on the front of it, of the whole family, was some nerdy one I took at the beach when we were down the other side of the coast this past spring. My kids are totally playing it up, I'm attempting not to freeze, & Mr S is the only one acting semi-normal, except that's not really normal for him. You know, it totally sums our family up in one crazy picture, & that's pretty much why I haven't had the decency to send our Christmas cards in the past 2 years.

I didn't really think to take a photo before I started to fill in personal information, whoops! I still add photos before I print it out to help reduce the bulk of the planner. That, & I find that it easier to be sure I've sized them right.

Same ol' planning page which is available here if you want it. I love being able to see at a quick glance what we have going on & map out our school year. Mind you I've only got Term 1 mapped out at the moment & we'll be back full swing in just over 2 weeks time now. I've been using this planning sheet for several years now & it's works really well for us.

I added matching monthly calendars this year. I debated a two page spread vs 1 page for a while & even made 1 page spreads, but didn't like the limitation so I fixed it. The bottom space below allows me to plan out things I might need to deal with each month like my kids Lego Club or other monthly obligations I might have but need to put a bit more information down about. I was going to add holidays, but here's the thing.. I figure not everyone will have the same ones, & some people won't want any at all so I left utterly blank for filling in. 

I also changed the former monthly pages up a bit to be more fitting for our needs. I tend to write down initials for what's we're reading or using & this page allows me to keep track of what those stand for should I forget. I also like to pop down funny things the gang says to look back on & laugh about. We hear a lot of craziness around here. There's also a space for keeping track of achievements, tracking goals, & outings. All in one simple place I can refer to. I like it!

The weekly pages are nearly the same, just a small addition of a weekly prayer slot on my planner page, which is what I often use my notes section for anyway. I changed the little menu section too, but other then that it's all the same.

I changed our Nature calendar to nearly follow the year, because the other way was driving me a little bit bonkers. What's written in the squares is the same, & not what we'll necessarily be studying, but things to keep an eye out for in those months.

That's about it. I still have the Homeschool Verses page at the start of the planner & of course the year at a glance pages. Extra note pages in the back. It's slimmer then the one I had last year, but mostly because last year I'd added in some pages from the Motivated Mom's Planner. This year it's just the school stuff all bound up. I used the binding from an older planner & it was long enough I had spare. I was pretty keen that it was purple! It's all set & ready to roll & should be available soon if you're interested.


Allie said...

Kendra, I'm drooling over your planner. I love lists and planners, although I'm not so good with follow through. ;)

Love My Schedule said...

After years of trying every different scheduling idea, tip, and trick I finally realized it wasn't WHAT we were doing. It was WHEN we were doing it! I've been using a magnetic wet erase schedule that you can actually wipe clean easily and re-write a new activity. The best part is that it gives enough room for every member of the family to have their own schedule for the day. This is where I bought it: www.lovemyschedule.com

All of my kids have school from 9:00 to 12:00 (Language Arts, Khan Academy Math, flash cards, and crafts). Then we eat lunch and do one more hour of school from 1:00 to 2:00 (quiet reading, Rosetta Stone Spanish, Typing, Journal Writing). Basically, every kid checks their schedule and knows what to do without even asking me. When they come to me to turn in all the work for the day I ask if they did everything on their schedule. Sometimes they have to go check to make sure because they have been using it for long enough that sometimes they need it and sometimes they don't.

Our schedule makes ALL the difference.

Jerri Hagler said...

I love (did I say LOVE)your planner!! I found a download with the 2014 calendar. I was hoping that you had other downloadable pages for this year. :)