Monday, December 29, 2014

Yorktown Adventures

While away we drove, a few times, past Yorktown, the place that could have been the capital of our state. After our stop at the museum we thought we'd pop into the site & have a look around.

Keep in mind, if you opt to check it out, that it's really nothing more then an open field in the middle of now here. There are picnic tables & a foul toilet you can use if you dare. Be warned, though, the walls of the toilet don't reach the base of the structure & lots of wildlife happily strolls in & out. Bull Ants while using the toilet aren't really my kinda thing, but hey it beats snakes!

It was still a great stop off if, for nothing more, then the historical value in it. There's lots of signage before you walk the path to give you a brief idea of what the place use to look like both before it was "settled" & after it's abandonment.

There's also a beautiful metal map that we'd meant to make a rubbing on the following day on our way out. It was raining too much on the day we did stop & we didn't have a crayon or pencil on us. Perhaps next time we're out that way:

The darker spots in the photo were actually wet from the rain. We scooped some of the water off in order to read it. There's also a plaque that hangs up behind it explaining when the abandoned site was cleared & marked as a historical site.

There's a small path you can follow around which leads you to this funny little gate. It kinda feels like you are walking into someone else's property, but it's all part of the path you're meant to follow. In fact, just inside the gate to the right is a guest book for people to sign & to the left is a British Solider standing guard.

Jayden was absolutely smitten with this fellow, & his friends which were scattered around the property. He was pretty keen to go home & "whip one up" himself. I told him if he does we should hang it on his bedroom door to help keep guard. 

The path circles you around the field that use to have gardens & other things in it when the land was settled when the British first landed there. There's also a lot of signs that explain who was there, what was happening at the time, & what it might have looked like. There's a man-made pond/dam there now which is completely fenced in, but was a beautiful site to look upon. So was the little house that stood there. It's a replication of the one that was formerly there. 

The boys were disappointed that it was locked up tight, but they got over it quickly enough when we spotted the huntsman hiding at the top of the house. It's a little confusing to see, from Yorktown, the image of what must have once been a river that would have encouraged them to land there, but if you drive a few k's up the road you'll quickly see, especially at low tide, where the river is & why it turned out to be such a poor choice.

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

That British soldier is awesome and a great idea to make one for the bedroom door. I hope it happens, I'd love to see it.

I also have to say that your photo over the lake with the wee house is just sublime ... well done!