Wednesday, December 31, 2014

NYE Traditions

My guys are pretty keen on keeping with tradition & for NYE that generally means a countdown for us. Years ago we started filling little bags that we pinned a paper analog clock to. The bags had goodies or things inside to keep them occupied as we rang in the new year.

Traditionally speaking our bags often had/ve the same things inside & that tends to make them a wee bit predictable, but that's never really bothered the kids. One thing in the bags has always been a movie or a notification to pick a movie to watch. The trick was that we'd pop the movie on & dim the lights. While the kids were watching, generally something reasonably cheesy but fun to them, we'd roll the clocks forward. By the time the film was over we'd have enough time to grab our party poppers, dash out the door, scream Happy New Year to utterly confused neighbours {after all it was only 10pm} & then dash back inside & hurry very tired children off to bed. Those tired kids slept through the city's firework show, hundreds of people outside screaming Happy New Year at the same time, & countless fire crackers going off around the neighbourhood.

As the boys got older we slowly changed the time until the year they actually made it until midnight. The first year they made it to midnight, the youngest was so tired he asked if we'd use his party popper outside for him. After watching it explode we had to carry him to bed & he slept well into the morning. Now that we're dealing with tweenagers & teenagers staying up until midnight doesn't seem to be much of an issue for them though.

When I asked what people wanted to do for NYE this year the cry was, "We want to do the bags!" So, I broke the news to them: We're not doing bags this year. There was a few minutes of silence before one of them started to chuckle, "Good one Mom!" "No, I'm serious! I don't even know where the bags are!!" "MOM!!" "Nope, we're not doing the bags! But, we will do balloons."

There was a few minutes of confusion before I explained that the balloons would work in place of the bags. I have extremely sensitive hearing. I'm the gal in the movie theatre who has to put her fingers her in her ears often because it's just too loud. I hate big parties or crowded anything because the noise is just too intense for me. Yep, I hate the sirens at parades, & I can hear one while driving before most people are aware there's a problem. I have been honked at so much for pulling over for emergency vehicles that are a good 10 blocks behind me!

Popping balloons doesn't really excite me, but my kids don't generally mind. Inside the kids will find rolled up pieces of paper that will disclose what we are doing for the evening. Things haven't changed much around here, so our events {in no particular order} will be pretty simplistic:

  • Make Cherry Ice Cream {we use to buy it, but those pesky food allergies..}
  • Paint Mini Figs {this is our only new event because I was all organised & have some salt dough mini-figs drying in the oven. Here's hoping they work out or we'll be decorating paper ones instead!}
  • Bake mini cakes to enjoy during movie hour
  • Unwrapping the new devotionals for the New Year {we generally give each child one, I'm really excited about the ones we've picked this year!}
  • Play the NYE Game {we purchase something new each year; this year is Rotten Tomatoes Card Game}
  • Decorate the pizza for dinner
  • Fill out Year End Review forms {sometimes we write down goals for the new year ahead; but this year we're snagging a freebie}
  • Hang up the 2015 Calendars {We purchase the kids a new calendar for their rooms each year; plus the family calendar}
  • Walk Around the Block to catch the fireworks {we could actually see them from our second story, but Nana can't climb the stairs, so we take her around the block to the top of the hill instead}
  • Movie Time {we select a newer released movie that we haven't seen yet}
  • Hang up the New Year Banner, grab the party poppers, & Fizzy drink to ring in the New Year

Nothing super special, but the kids love it & it sure beats hearing, "How long until.." Our neighbours still think we're weird, but the new ones find it enjoyable to watch our sparklers & shouts of Happy New Year when it's actually midnight. One year, we might actually have the neighbors join us, but then again they can be loud & I really really don't handle loud noises very well..

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