Saturday, December 27, 2014


For the past few years we've planned 1 getaway after another only to have something crazy come up & prevent us from going away. Sometimes it's a minor like when Jay came down with bronchitis & had a poor reaction to his medication. Yeah, we decided camping a few hours from home wasn't the wisest choice. Other times it's been more major, like the year Nana broke her hip. This year we were determined we were going to have a small get away up the coast line.

Our original plans were to spend a couple weeks up the coast line in an area we've yet to make it that Mr S is desperate for us to see. Scheduling clashes caused that idea ot go up in smoke & Mr S was pretty disappointed. So I laid out the suggestion we go west instead of east & check out the coastline in the other direction.

Oh the excitement that ensued! School was well into it's 3rd term so we were likely to have the majority of the camp ground & the tiny town to ourselves. Our plans were looking well rounded & we were deciding which sites to see on our own vs signing up for the touristy end of when we got the news.

Turned out, our tiny little no one really goes there kinda town was being invaded by Hollywood. Yeah, the one from California. Because, as it turned out, the town was this perfect little "no one knows about it, but just right for what we want to use it for" in regards to filming their latest film. Apparently where were some big names up there too, but I've got to be honest with you, I'd never heard of them before.

It got worse, all the accommodations were booked for the next 2-4 weeks. What?! Yep, really. Then the next report was that the town was being done-over to make it look more authentic for the movie. This included covering the streets with gravel, because I mean what says authenticity quite like a few tons of gravel being spread through town, right?!

We canceled our idea to head west immediately. There was no way we were hanging out in a town run-over by Hollywood. Our idea of fun is being in the bush, or on the most deserted section of the coastline you can find. No internet, no interruptions, no phones, no work. Just the 4 of us & the occasion wildlife darting through.

We scrambled for a few ideas & then took on a rather poor defeated attitude. We had a dog-sitter all lined up for our pooch & they showed up to collect the dog on Saturday, the day we were suppose to leave but ended up being asked ot do something else instead. We woke up Sunday & decided we were going away.

We had no idea where, but insisted the kids pull out clothes for 4-5 days, some pjs, swimming gear, & a favourite board game each. We made a few calls & found a speck of coastline a few hours away that was reasonably deserted, & close to a few fun activities we were keen to check out with the kids. Talk about a flurry of activity! We had all hands on deck & were out the door & to our destination in two hours time.

20 minutes after arriving we spent the entire afternoon on this stretch of beach. There were a few more people, after all it was still the weekend, but it emptied out pretty quickly & it was just us. The kids swam, & built sand castles, & played ball. After tea we returned to the beach & spent the evening walking up the coastline until we decided we'd better head back before we got trapped on the beach at high tide in the dark.

Our accommodations were pretty quiet too because aside from the odd camper or two & the groundskeeper we were the only other people there. We spent the evening having a great laugh over watching the wallabies run around the adjoining golf course, & wondering who was going to clean up that kinda mess in the morning. Which resulted in a whole lot of laughter about wallabies out there having their own golfing tournament. Not a bad way to spend a few days!

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