Tuesday, December 30, 2014

George Town

 After our museum trip & stop off at Yorktown we headed back to the caravan only to decide we were too close to the Georgetown to not hit it. Unfortunately, with the poor weather there was no way we were walking the beach to get there so it meant a much longer car ride.

We had a decenter amongst us, but the promise of hot cocoa & a movie when we got back lured him into the car. We could actually see the lights on the lighthouse from our caravan park so our goal was to find the lighthouse in question.

We managed to find 2 other lighthouses, which we made the mistake {kinda} of stopping off at prior to finding the one that was still in operation. When we rolled up to the one that was actually working {they all use to relay off of each other} we discovered it had closed 5 minutes prior. Oh the luck! The gate was still opened, so we parked outside of it & walked up the hill, in the rain I might add, to check it out.

Most of us found it well worth the view, all though there was one amongst us who was not happy to be drenched & cold. Same poor subject also managed to wake up with a cold the next morning, & that really didn't help! On the other hand, we learned that we could actually stay at the lighthouse next time we were out that way, you know, if we really wanted to. We also learned the horn in the lighthouse still functions on Sunday afternoons. We were trying to decide if we'd missed it because we hadn't been at our destination at the right time or if we'd simply not heard it due to the distance between where we were staying & the actual lighthouse.

On our way back we stopped at Batman bridge for a photo, & before anyone asks this is not named after the man in black! It's named, instead, after a famous Aussie. We'd actually crossed the bridge & I turned around to go back; if you pop under the bridge you can actually touch a portion of it. Which a few of us did.

Wouldn't you know that once we were done getting our photos & back on the highway the rain finally let up. Not that it stopped us from dishing up hot cocoa to go along with dinner, the movie on the other hand never happened because the dvd player in our caravan wasn't working. Go figure!

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