Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Our final day on holiday we took the kids into the city, they were both keen to hit the bigger library & we had a secret up our sleeves anyway. We spent one day hitting a few shops & the library & the final morning before heading out we popped into Airtime 360.

The entire area is nothing but trampolines. All the black spots in the picture above {aside from where the guys are jumping} are trampoline mats. The green is padding over the bars that hold them in place. We had a great time playing a few rounds of dodgeball, a few more rounds of basketball, & then the guys hit the foam pit. I wasn't game because the lights were killing my eyes at that point. Morgan had his old glasses on & managed all right, but I wouldn't let him wear them into the foam pit. I was worried they'd fall off & break with the crazy flips he was doing!

The only downer to the area was that it was hot in there. There's no air flow or air conditioning. Just one giant ceiling fan that doesn't move the air too much. Not that anyone was complaining as long as we had plenty of water at hand. You can take drinks in, but only as far as the shoe/stair area.

The place that houses Air 360 also has a few other fun things to do, one of which was mini-golf so we played a round of that as well. We had the entire place to ourselves & yet we still managed to spend 20 minutes looking for a lost golfball. Funny thing is, we found it, but turned around & lost another which we didn't find. We did, however find another one. At one point a set of preschool twins ran out to give us tips on golf. Apparently their Pop plays golf all the time & they know all about it, they were a great cheer squad for us too!  The boys had an absolute blast & were well & truly worn out for the long ride home.

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