Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 34

I didn't forget about the other weeks in our school year, we've just been busy wrapping up end of school things, Drs appointments, & life events. Week 34 was more of a half week for us which isn't the end of the world, but I always feel a bit silly calling it a full week when we may not have schooled each day.

Monday & Tuesday were reasonably normal days despite the snuffles & coughs in the house, but Wednesday Morgan & I had an appointment with the Irlen Specialist. Our former specialist retired from this particular speciality & we'd yet to meet the new one. Morgan had been complaining on & off about not seeing properly, but I'd often discover his glasses needed a good cleaning & then I wouldn't hear anymore about it.

However, we started to notice some number reversals again, problems with reading were creeping back in, he was tripping a lot again, & becoming continually more cranky. I honestly didn't make enough connections until he burst out in tears {not at all normal for him these days} & lamented that he couldn't see anything properly & when he took his glasses off it was all most like having them on.

We immediately contacted the new specialist & were so blessed to find out she was making a trip to Tassie in a 3 days time. There was serious rejoicing happening in our home! As she'd never met Morgan & Morgan had never met her there was a lot of preliminary things that had to happen & our appointment was the longest we've ever had while dealing with SSS/IS {scotopic sensitivity syndrome/irlen syndrome} It was absolutely gruelling for Morgan who was extremely nervous which only heightens his problems. We did eventually explain to him there was no passing or failing what he was going through & that regardless of the outcome of the day he was still taking his now "less then stellar" glasses home. He eased up a bit considerably at that information.

Once he was done I had to go through the paces, all though not nearly as many as he did. We told him he could enjoy being on the other side of the table to see how it all looked, but he was so exhausted he couldn't keep his eyes open. Poor kid tried to pull up a video on my phone so that he wouldn't fall asleep.

It's really tough watching him go through the paces, & each time I do something new comes to light. It was so evident, this time, how little his current glasses were helping him. I think it's made us both very aware of the signs to be alert to! We also learned a lot more of the science behind what's going on with him & were even treated, yes I really mean treated, to seeing a brain scan of the situation.

When a normal person reads, writes, or goes about their daily business their brain works at a moderate to slow pace depending on what they are doing. When Morgan's doing these things without his glasses or with glasses that don't suit, his brain is working in overdrive. It was amazing to see the differences in brains between a person who struggles & one who doesn't. The imagine is enough that if one saw it I think they'd understand how a person seriously has nothing left to give when they are struggling like this.

Morgan wasn't alone on the front, we've known for a long time that SSS/IS are hereditary, & his former specialist was keen to put both myself & Mr S through the tests to see which one of us it came from. As we've learned more over the years, I've become increasingly more aware that I'm mostly like the parent Morgan received his situation from. It seems both my children have been blessed with my sensitivities, one with light the other with sound. Hey, I like to share!

Morgan & I both walked out with a new prescriptions, all though we're both still eagerly anticipating the arrival of our glasses in the mail. We have to mail our frames & prescriptions to the mainland to the Irlen Lab & wait for their return which is, on average, 3-3.5 weeks wait time. I think in the past it's generally been 3 weeks for us.

Jayden was an absolute trooper through all of it. He patiently watched each of us go through all the testing & then assured us the sun was not burning our eyes out of our faces. He even attempted to offer kindly advise to us on which frames looked best, all though I'm not sure his tastes are exactly mine.

For now we have some overlays to use, plastic coloured sheets that have to be laid flat against what we are reading or doing, until our glasses come. The overlays work, all though they can be more cumbersome. They also don't help with my sensitivity to glare in general when I'm going about day to day things in the home.

We called school off for the remainder of the week because our eyes were just that sore! So school consisted of what we accomplished on Monday & Tuesday as well as the books we listened to on our way to & from the Drs. We did get quite a bit done in our day/time home, all though I'd all ready let Morgan off the hook for reading & math until after we found out what the news from the Dr was.

He's officially done with Math & reading for the year until his glasses come. At which point he'll probably remain done with math until the new year. He's a little frustrated by that as he'd set a goal to finish his current book before the New Year, but this was a situation beyond his control.

We started Son Of Charlemagne & continued on with Adam Of The Road which was our audio. We are enjoying the later far more then the former, but both have their places in what we're studying. We wrapped up Ephesians this week, & have kept our pace with MOH 2 as well. The kids also did a few spelling lessons, they are doing really well there. It really felt like a light week for us, but it answered so many important questions about our boys vision struggles that a light week was worth it.

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Looks like a very busy {though good} week! :)