Saturday, November 1, 2014

Book Finds

Mr S had some time off this week & we had hoped to make a surprise trip into the city for some fun activities with the kids. Unfortunately I woke up with one horrific migraine & with the lovely wind & rain we've been having we opted to stick closer to home. Mr S said he'd love to go to an op-shop.

After the five minutes of stunned silence, Mr S always vetoes going to second hand stores, garage sales, or other bargain hunting opportunities when he's with us, we all scrambled for shoes & loaded up in the car.  I should clarify Mr S loves the goodies & bargains we find on our outings, but he's not so keen to go sluething for them himself. However, this time he's after a piece of outdated computer technology & he wanted to hunt it down for himself.

Unfortunately he didn't find what he was looking for even though we took him to 5 different op-shops. The problem with outdated technology is that it's generally not sold or given away anymore. It's all probably laying in a pile in the local garbage dump instead. One shop even told us they couldn't legally sell it to us all though we did clarify we were only after parts, but she said she didn't even have any to give away because they just aren't given that sort of thing anymore.

While Mr S came home empty handed he did help us find some really lovely book bargains that we brought home. In fact, while it's not a book he found the brand new unopened game pictured above. The guys seem to love trivia & while not all of it is pertinent Australian history {such as asking the middle names of famous people} it will be a fun way to retain a few more facts.

More Wildlife In The Suburbs was another fun find at one of the shops we hit. Each chapter is a little story unto itself about some form of Australian wildlife. It's all written with a bight of humour & I had to hide a few giggles while previewing it in the shop. I came home & read some of the information about Plovers to Mr S who confessed to learning something new afterwards. The boys haven't heard the chapter yet, but will enjoy it. All though I'm pretty sure Jayden will have some sort of comment such as, "Who cares how they got their name, it's their bad attitudes I'm more worried about.." He hasn't quite forgotten the time we dumped him over a fence to retrieve the cricket ball & upon turning to come back to us we were screaming, "Run, FASTER!!!" He'd stumbled upon a next of plover chicks & Mummy Plover was not happy with him. We managed to grab him just before she dived, but at 4 it was still a pretty wild experience.

Two exciting finds were these lovely books about Australian history. The bottom one was found at at a local op-shop for $2.50 {all books were half price} & Mr S spotted it & asked if it would be helpful. I didn't actually give it a proper look inside, but simply said, "For $2.50 I'm sure we'll put it to use." When we got home & actually had a proper look inside we were floored.

The book takes pictures & other clippings from newspapers & has put them all together. Things in there that weren't from newspapers are written as though they were with dates, locations, & key information. There's even lovely old adverts for famous Australian goodies which have had us chuckling for some time now. Did you know that Louis Robert Stephenson once visited Australia? His photo is in there along with a small snippet about his visit. There's also a small little article in there, which was very hard to read aloud as we were laughing oh so hard, about the first flight from London to Australia. It took 16 days, which is when we start to lose it, but we came unglued when it said, "Beating the last record of 23 days." Ahh, may we never complain again about being stuck on a 20 hour flight.

The other book was one I found at our local post office & purchased brand new. It's a lovely Encyclopedia type book broken down by year & will aid us well in our upcoming year long study of Australian history! They had a second one like it on the shelf about Australians at War, but I only purchased the one pictures above.

While we came home with stacks of books I'll only share these final 4 for now. Camelot's Honour  is an adult fiction book that I hope is a decent read. I like to read something a bit more light hearted & fun about the same time frame in history that we're learning about, & since this was laying on the shelf for a couple of dollars I thought I'd give it a go.

The Queen's Smuggler is a Trail Blazer book, & we've been slowly finding them at the local op-shops for some time as we build our own collection. This one really made me smile because it's about William Tyndall which is on our plans to be learning about later this year or early next year. It will make a great book for the boys to each take a turn reading on their own.

The Viking Emoo-gency is a not exactly quality literature, but it's a fun read that Mr S or I picked up a while back & I pulled off the bookcase when I was shelving the goodies we brought home. Basically the series is about Cows who go back in time to help save the world. I did warn you it wasn't quality literature, but they do weave in history & they are right up the alley of books that Mr S & the boys love to read for fun together. Im actually prereading it at the moment to decide if I'll hand it off to the kids or suggest Mr S reads it to them in our upcoming Viking study.

Cooking Up Trouble caught my eye right away at the shop because I noticed one of the girls on the cover was dressed in the garb of a traditional Pilgrim. The book is one in a series all though aside from a small bit of information at the start it doesn't look like it really messes anything up to read them out of order. In this particular book a young girl is sent from Plymouth Plantation to modern times where the children she meets up with learn how/what Thanksgiving was really like. We'll definitely be reading this one this month, all though we may read it over the week of Thanksgiving which we're inadvertently taking off from normal studies anyway.

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