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2014 Week In Review: Week 33

It was a bit of an unusual week for us around here. We had no school Monday as it was a public holiday & Jayden was down for the count with a sore throat anyway. Tuesday we were back at it with a lighter version of school {we rarely take off completely when people are sick}, but we had 2 appointments at the eye Dr in town. Wednesday Morgan was down with the sore throat & was unbearably grumpy from it. Thursday Mr S ended up home from work early with his throat being sore & by Friday he was home all day, aside from an hour he slipped in to work to fix something, sleeping off his version of the cold. I'll be grateful when they are all done with the sniffles & coughs, as will they! They all still have some portion of it, but for the most part are on their way to feeling better.

Despite his dazed & confused look he sat the spelling lesson with Morgan. He managed a 100% which had him tickled pink. The balloon was a gift for him from the Chemist when I went in to get medication. I always cause a lot of grief at the chemist's due to our food allergies & unfortunately most medications have some form of milk or gluten in them. They also sent us home with a stuffed animal which I think he passed on to Morgan. We finished Day #17 in Sequential Spelling this week, & that was all, Morgan was in no shape for spelling on Wednesday so we hung it up for the week.

The kids were pretty lathargic & I figured if they could lay around & watch tv they could lay around & listen to school books instead. So we listened to another four chapters in Our Island Story this week. Jayde was so excited to hear another version of King Arthur! He's super keen to read the actual King Arthur book I have on the shelf for him, & he paused even in his drawing to listen in full to this story.

We also listened to three more chapters in Mystery Of History. For some reason our WP schedule didn't touch Chapter 16, & I wanted to cover that before we got too far along, so we heard about the Mayan people. It was quite an interesting chapter. We also listened to chapters 22-23.

Tuesday we started in our Middle Ages cd that goes along with a another product from HSITW that they gave us for review purposes. Jayden is so excited about the other product which you'll see glimpses of next week & will find a full review about it over on TCC when we're through using the product. While I don't normally self-promote reviews too much, I'd encourage you to keep an eye out because it will involve a giveaway.  As for this week, we read about the barbarian invaders & the fall or Rome. Yes, again, which is exactly what Jayde said. Morgan is using the newspaper, as well as other bits, from the Project Pack so he wrote a little article/snippet about the fall of Rome & also filled out a postcard {pictures above}.

By Wednesday Jayde was certainly on the mend & horribly restless, where as Morgan was out flat & not interested in anything but the pain in his throat. The poor kid just doesn't cope well with a sore throat which compounded by the fact that he has an ugly wound on his lip which is the combination of a mouth sore & biting himself. I pulled out a craft kit for Jayde while Morgan was busy finishing off Pippi Longstockings.

Believe it or not, the craft kit was suppose to be viking related, but when Jayde opened it up low & behold it was king & queenish. He was a bit annoyed because he was really looking forward to the viking. Once he put these two together I suggested we call them Lancelot & Guinevere. He told me not to be ridiculous they were obviously called Tim & Tom. Oh dear..

I ended up enlisting Jayde's help on Wednesday to help whip up some salve, also known as homemade vaseline, so we could coat Morgan's wound because he was in too much pain to drink anything. It's a combination of coconut oil, olive oil, & bees wax. I added a couple of drops of essential oil to a smaller portion that we put in a separate container for the war wound. Seriously, the poor kid has a wicked fat lip from it & I ended up getting some numbing ointment too.

Jayden was really feeling antsy on Tuesday & was desperate to do something. He'd been flat out on Sunday moping about how he wasn't feeling so great but refusing to take the things I offered him to help him feel better. Monday he was truly sick & miserable, so by Tuesday he was ready to move. Unfortunately lots of moving made him cough so I offered to play a game with him while Morgan was resting. He brought out this hideous game. For a person who hates Monopoly as much as I do, I don't even want to know why we own 6 different versions of it!!

I did suck it up & play it with him & within two turns we were both pretty sure I was about to get knocked out, but I came back for a pretty big win. Mostly because someone incorrectly stocked the ATM & I reaped the benefits of that casualty. He's still annoyed that I won considering I never win at Monopoly, but it kept him busy for a while & he was laughing most of the time we played.

Despite all the craziness of the week we finished off Black Horses For The King. It's a different sort of telling in regards to King Arthur & doesn't involve any of the mythical portions in regards to the sword in the stone or merlin. Rather it simply tells of him before the whole messy love triangle issue & concentrates it's efforts on his desires to protect Britannia from the Saxon invaders. Over all it was a great story & it matched up so well with much of what we've been reading in Our Island Story. If you have a horse lover they'd probably really love this book too as it's very very horsey in regards to information & storyline. So much so I'd say King Arthur {not called that in the story} takes more of a back seat to be honest.

By Thursday the sore throat was gone for Morgan but he had a drippy nose to no end. So I told him to slap on some essential oils, take his tablet from the chemist, & draw a picture while I read. Thus we have his art work this week. He's taken to enjoying drawing things with a sharpie & then colouring them in with his coloured markers. I like it! If you're wondering about the men in the photo you have: {L-R} A man who cooled his metal sword too quickly & it bent & twisted. Another man just pulling his dagger out of the hot fire, & the final picture is the hero of our book working on a horse sandal.

I found another craft project I had stowed away for our space study, but it was needed this week so I handed it to Jayden. He actually did this one prior to king & queen cups. He loves these silly things because they don't require glue, all that crazy foam comes with sticker backing on it.

He gave the alien from the packet to Morgan to work on, in hopes it would distract brother from the sore throat. No such luck & the craft sat unfinished until Thursday. At which point Jayden asked if Morgan would like help with the craft & Morgan finally decided he'd better put it together or he'd lose out.

We read our poetry book as well, all though we missed out on Wednesday I just read extra on Thursday as everyone was content to sit & listen. I figured it was getting a little boring snapping photos of the same book over & over so I went with a small poem we found funny this week.

We also listened to Galatians 5-6 to wrap up another book of the Bible this week. We moved right into Ephesians & are just over halfway done having made it through the 4th chapter. We'll pause with our forward movement at the end of the money & retreat to our annual trip through the Bible leading up to Christmas.

By Friday both boys were doing so much better & I kept sending them outside for fresh air & sunshine. It's not abnormal for my kids to lay in a quilt on the trampoline with a book while they are sick, but our trampoline is currently hiding int he garage lest anymore gail force winds rip it away. Instead they took turns on the swing & sat on the patio for a while telling jokes. By the time they came in & we'd wrapped up our small portion of studies for the day Mr S was zonked out on the couch.

Two kids who haven't run of steam all week & aren't quite well enough to go to the park meant things were getting a little hair raising. I suggested something quieter & Jayde pulled out Risk & challenged Morgan & I to a round. They got so busy fighting over Asia I snuck in & snagged Africa & England for a win.

That was it for us this week. No math, while I did warn the boys there'd still be school Jayden asked me oh so seriously if he could get off math this week because of being sick. I hadn't intended to give him the whole week off, & was going to have them both do a review page on Friday, but Mr S was home & all that jazz. No outings this week aside from a trip to the normal optomotrist.

Some time next week Morgan & I meet up with the Irlens Specialist from Melbourne, & she wanted to be sure normal vision was in check. Morgan's vision has not improved via the Optometrist, but neither has it deteriorated. I don't know if they'd get differing results if he was permitted to use his tints while taking the exam. All up a crazy week for us!

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