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Weekly Wrap Up 2014: Wk 26-27

It wasn't my intention to fall off the edge of the blogging planet, but it kinda happened there didn't it! Mr S deemed it completely "abnormal" & "unlike you, get about your business!" To which I put on my best whiney voice & mimicked the children who normally plague me for the use of the computer os they can get on with programming classes the minute I sit down to do anything with it.

Not to mention the battery on my laptop has reached critical mass & now conks out at about 30%, nothing like being up to your eyeballs in a project & having the computer crash. The kids learned the hard way to keep it plugged in or they were bound to lose their work. Mr S surprised me with a package yesterday, in which I thought would be a lovely brilliant new battery for the Macbook. Instead, it turned out to be a lovely new Macbook! Which means I now need to get all caught up on our weekly reviews as we're all ready about to head into our second week of Term/Spring Break!

I'm actually putting our last 2 weeks of Term 3 into one post to avoid doing a whole bunch of Weekly Wrap Up posts! If you're reading this post, please don't think we did all this work on just one week!

I slipped Jayden back into Sequential Spelling a couple of weeks ago as his ability to memorise rules was fantastic, but his application was poor. I wanted to give him the chance to apply the rules he'd learned in AAS by providing groups of words that worked with the rules. Despite the fact that he's capable of spelling these words we started with Book 1 Day 1. Morgan opted to sit in on the spelling sessions too which was fine by me. Both boys average the same score each day, all though Morgan had a really low score one day because he opted not to put his glasses on. It was a great learning experience for him to be reminded of why he's wearing them & to see first hand just how much they are really helping him. As soon as he put them back on he had no issues with the remainder of the spelling for the day.

Both boys are using a Winter Promise Language Arts still for the year, & while it does include a writing section we've been focusing more on the grammar aspect to really cement the information we learned in the previous years while reading The Word Spy & The Return Of The Word Spy. The boys have really enjoyed the lessons thus far, & love the whole mystery aspect to it.

We wrapped up City a couple of weeks back which was exciting to see another one of the books in the finished pile all ready. The other books we read small sections from each day. A Child's History Of The World is not part of WP Middle Ages, but something we choose to read as we enjoy the book. The boys are eager to pick up pace with the middle ages project book as they can't wait to tackle a great many things within!

Mystery Of History Vol. 2 is part of WP MA which we've been enjoying listening to as part of our studies. WP jumps around in the book grouping things together as you study them instead of just listening to them in chronological order. Panic not, you'll get to all the lessons eventually. We're also listening to Story Of The World Vol. 2 as well, but choosing to do so in a chronological order, that as well as Our Island Story are giving us a huge perspective on what was happening in each corner of the world all at the same time!

I had Jayde come to a pause in his math book because he was getting a lot of his concepts all mixed up & I wanted to be sure he understood the concepts & how they are each performed. He also felt that with the addition of new word problems he needed a little remedial help there. So for the last 2 weeks of term break he worked on review sheets I whipped up for him. The first week had an assortment of all kinds of problems on it to be sure we had everything covered concept wise. Then I just printed out a sheet from the MUS website for the concept he most needed to practice. As for the Lego Car. He found it more interesting to put a wheel on each time he did a problem, once all the wheels were on he began taking them off. Over & over.

Morgan held himself back an extra lesson in math, which I respected. I felt, honestly, that he could have progressed & been fine, but he was concerned with the fact that he kept mixing up two greek words & felt it was best to stay put. He did fine on his review work & I suggested that if he was still concerned he should consider making a poster to keep the words straight. He could then stick it in his notebook & pull it out when needed to review.

Both kids got deeply involved in some paper crafting which meant our house was covered with glue, scissors, bits of paper, & every other imaginable bit of mess that goes hand in hand with this craft. On the flip side they were incredibly creative & had so much fun with it I let the idea run it's course before asking that the entirety be cleaned up. I'll share what they made in another post.

We didn't make as much progress as planned in science this term. Bottom line is my kids are just not that keen on biology, Mr S confessed that he's right there with them. Ha! The biggest problem was that one amongst us waited until halfway through the term to explain he was struggling with the information in our original spine! At which point I dug out the Apologia Book Morgan previously used & the audio that we have to go with it & we swapped spines. We did make a lot of progress with the Boys Body Book despite our desire to read it in slow bits & pieces.

They both labeled cells in their notebooks {WP Notebooking Pages}, & also drew one. They were suppose to make an edible one, but we never got to that. I may challenge them during term break to come up with a lego version instead.

After listening to the information in Chapter 1 of the Apologia book Morgan hopped on the computer & created a timeline for the scientists we head about. Jayde went with empty boxes, think comic book style, so he could hand draw each person we read about. The microscopes he drew were classical! I must snap a photo lest the paper he did get lost!

Spring weather has finally arrived with chilly evenings, but generally warm days. We spent many hours enjoying the warmth & sun, & one weekend after our picnic lunch the kids pulled out kites to fly. The weather was absolutely perfect & they had a blast until the kites got tangled & we had to make a dash to collect the one that broke off it's string!

Both boys assigned themselves the duty of working on cursive during Term 3 & while Jayden still feels he's only a beginner, Morgan is really delighted that he can now read cursive as easily as print. I'm impressed with his progress too & bit my tongue to point it that not only did the practice help, but so did the wearing of his glasses. Either way we're finding notes all over the place in cursive & we've had a few papers from each wind up being turned in written in cursive as well. I especially love when Jayde only knows how to write a few of the letters in a word in cursive & has several printed letters with a couple of cursive ones. Cracks me up each time!

Both boys delighted themselves in reaching their reading goals for the term, all though this young man had a few chapters left over in the book he was reading {for the umpteenth time} that needed to be wrapped up one rainy day before Term Break officially started. I noticed it was incredibly quiet, a rarity around here, & looked around to find him curled up in a chair with his book. He deemed it a terrible ending, which I spluttered about to his horror. I mean, he's read the book before, it's not like the ending changes!!

Same child was spotted outside doing his math the final day of term. Don't ask why he's sitting in the laundry basket, I have no idea. The boys saved from the recycling pile because they had grand intentions for them. I'm kinda scared to know what those intentions are to be honest.

Morgan had finished his work by Thursday for the term & was a little unsure of what to do with himself when he realised his brother wasn't free to play. I suggested he get out the robotic legos & create something that was not in the books/cards. He started out with one invention that was completely different by the time he'd tested it several times over. Kept him busy while I looked over our plans for next term.

There was also piano lessons thrown in there somewhere. Morgan is the one doing piano right now & he takes them through the Hoffman Academy which is an online school. The lessons are all prerecorded & Mr Hoffman is pretty funny which keeps things lively. You have theory work to do as well, & there's a few games thrown in for fun. The first lesson they learn to play a song, & the lessons there after they learn about notes & so forth. He's pretty eager to get into the meatier lessons!

No swim lessons for our final 2 weeks as we walked away from those lessons. The boys were a little disappointed not to have their normal sessions, but were relieved due to their frustrations with the new teacher. While I won't go into great detail about the situation, we respected the boys opinions to walk away from lessons where a teacher resorts to verbal bullying & belittling in an attempt to encourage children. They did enjoy a few practice sessions & are looking forward to, hopefully, swimming with their normal instructor in the ocean in the coming term.

We also had a few excursions with our group, mostly playing in the park; all though we had an art day & a swim session as well as a lovely evening bbq as well. All of which we enjoyed. We're now in the midst of enjoying a very well deserved break for another week before we resume to our normal routine. I'll have to share in another post our plans for the upcoming term.

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Dawn said...

What a great couple of weeks. I think it is great that the boys were able to explain what was going on and leave an abusive teacher. I hope your old one comes back soon.
Blessings, Dawn