Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spelling Practice

With Sequential Spelling you tend to work with the same list of words for 4-5 days just changing their variations as you go along which can make it easy to play with those words for a week if you need a little help reinforcing something.

So when one of the boys kept forgetting to double up the constants in a word I pulled out our copy of Bananagrams & selected a few letters to throw back in the back. The rest I put in a jar for safe keeping. To help the boys see where the game was going I started with some pretty simplistic words I knew they'd recognise rather quickly. Once they'd quickly unscrambled those words I took the much longer word I was after & threw it in the bag.

One was pretty sure he knew what the word was right from the get go, or at least within a very short amount of time, but convincing his brother of that was another story. The letters were arranged, rearranged, & arranged yet again. There were a lot of letters to work with & they found a few smaller words & wondered if I'd chucked in extra letters to confuse them. It only took a few letters in the correct places, though, for both of them to be fully aware of which word they were spelling. Then it was just a matter of being sure everything was in the right place.

They reached it in the end & opted to leave the letters in the bag to see if Mr S could get the word quicker then they did. He did, but he too wondered if there were extra letters in the bag at first, & to think the boys had the cheek to snicker about such a comment!

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