Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mural Art

 We made a trip inland a couple of weekends ago to check on some property that needed cleaning up. It was one of those last minute choices where the weather was just perfect & we needed to get out of the house. Yeah, & we really needed to check on the property. We loaded the kids up & headed off driving past a few of the former houses we've lived in which gave Mr S a lot of insanely silly stories to tell the kids who didn't really remember much in regards to living in those homes. The kids were a bit devastated after seeing the property we'd gone to check out as they had fond memories of what it use to look like & the fun they had on it.  So I decided we needed a distraction & suggested we run to the small grocery & pick up supplies for a spur of the moment picnic lunch.

The town we were in has an annual Mural Fest which we haven't attended in a few years now, but we generally make the trek out to see the murals each year. We missed out last year when one of the mural artists the kids had befriended wasn't represented, so they were really keen to check out the work this year.  This particular painting kept us busy for a while because it had things hidden within you were suppose to find; I'm still doubtful the blobs the guys considered fish were fish, but...

Another semi-interactive painting which I've taken a rotten photo of. The paintings are all meant to be based on the poem I posted above, & this one tracked Australia over the years. Jayde loved seeing the Anzac Soliders represented & Morgan was keen because of the Tassie Tiger, but I gave it a thumbs down because the facial features of the Aborigine peoples were wrong.

This one was fun, all though Mr S gave it a big thumbs down because he felt leaving so much empty made it look like the artists hadn't been capable of completing their work within the time frame. Oh aren't we the picky lot? The top left animal that is not fully painted is a Tasmanian Tiger, the animals painting him are spotted quolls, an Alpaca is being splattered with blue paint {they aren't native, but there are many around} by the Tassie devils. The little bird is a fairy blue wren. The flowers are waratah, gum trees in the background unpainted, & of course the beautiful blue mountains. All up there's a lot crammed into one photo regardless of it's intentional {or unintentional} finish.

This painting, believe it or not, was painted by a lady from the USA. I had to say she had me with this painting until I got up close & saw she totally flubbed up the features of the little Aboriginal girl. I really can't stand it when people use the wrong features when drawing the uniqueness of the Aborigine people, it's a pet peeve, what can I say. Seriously though, had she nailed those features I would have been all over this drawing because it is truly beautiful despite the flaw.

We've met the young man who painted this photo & while his choice of art isn't generally our style, he really really won me over with the perfection of the features on the Aborigine man. Seriously, they are spot on! Ahh, if only I loved this style of art more.. Still & all, hats off Damien!

Lots happening here & we all had a different reaction with this one. I pointed out Abel Tasman. Jayden pointed out Mt Roland which he climbed when he was 5; all 8 hours of it. Never be the last man in line when mountain climbing with a troop of 10. You're fair game for bull ants. Morgan was more caught up in Mr Foster {fellow with the ax} which resorted to a ridiculous conversation about the time we rented a house from him. Mr S was busy debating which cricketer was most likely represented here. Between you & me, I think he was just in denial about who it was..

This painting happened to be painted by the artist the boys befriended a few years ago, & they were utterly upset to realise he'd been at mural fest & we hadn't gone. Alas.. The painting itself was quite interesting & the farther back you stood the more you saw. We all got a little dizzy trying to decide exactly how many murals were in the picture too!

This mural evoked a lot of chatter too. Was it a self portrait of the artist painting their mural? Why the French flags on the ships? Was this representing the time frame where England had all ready gained control of this particular port & the French came to see what was up? So many questions! I did love that Tasman was shaped in the clouds, but then I became distracted again by the flags on the boat. Which had us discussing books we read last year on Australian History.

This was a cute one, all though I thought the empty spot in the middle was crazy. I did get the idea behind it, but.. Like the names? Those are all real places around here. Oh the silly things we've said while driving through, & if you think those names are funny you haven't heard the half of them yet!

This one had us staring for a while, but then we got distracted by a tourist who'd parked himself in the most insane place ever. We couldn't figure out how he was going to get out & completely forgot the painting in our amazement at the fellows ability to manoeuvre his way out of the mess.


reader19 said...

Wow, those murals are amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

Allie said...

Thanks for posting the murals, they look great! Erik especially liked the "unfinished" animal one and the one that had the mystery cricket player and more importantly a Tasmanian Devil and a Tasmanian Tiger.