Monday, October 6, 2014

Minecraft Paper Craft

The boys discovered a cheap app the allows one to print our various sized Minecraft characters & man were they busy discovering which sizes made for the best fun. I'm still finding bits of paper from the ordeal! They even took a ton of it to a craft day our Home Ed group had last month, & needless to say many joined suit in building these crazy characters.

The boys ended up digging a box out of the garage & deciding to make an entire Minecraft house out of the crazy thing. Beds, dressers, the works. It kept them busy for ages, & we even found them holed up in the garage working on it one evening. Did I mention that our garage doesn't have a light in it?! Nope, so they ran an extension cord from the side of the house to the garage & took the clip on lamps from their bed to light up the garage. Absolute determination, right?

About the only thing that put the whole crazy crafting mode on hold was last months Lego Club meeting, & I suggested they pack up all the Minecraft fun & put up & out of sight. I don't think they've laid it to rest completely because I noticed it was out amongst the lego supplies this past week.

I'm warning you, though, that the app would have been far better if it had included some kind of little House Elf that would come in & sweep up the mess so no one would end up getting paper cuts, or my vacuum wouldn't jam, or you know so it didn't look like it snowed all over the entire house. I'd suggest purchasing with caution.

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