Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bread Mix

I realised that since going gluten free I hadn't really been making the guys homemade bread anymore, which means I'm often running to the shop for a loaf of bread & a couple litres of milk. Someone lamented they really missed the homemade bread & I figured if they were going to eat copious amounts of the stuff it really would be wiser to be making it ourselves again anyway. The problem is, just coming in contact with wheat flour can make me really itchy!

We can pick up bread mixes, but I don't find them very inexpensive for the good quality ones & the cheaper ones tend to have oddities in them that you don't really need. Which gave me pause to consider making our own up. A few weeks ago I picked up a huge empty jar at a local cheap type store & gathered the guys up to help with my experiment. I needed somebody to stir the mix because my eyes were going crazy just getting the ingredients out of the pantry!

I opted to use a recipe in our bread book, all though I did mix & match a little. The guys really love white bread, but I had the idea that if I mixed it Wholemeal/wheat flour I'd give it a little more goodness. We ended up putting all the dry ingredients into the jar for a total of something like 12 batches of bread. It could easily have fit another 6 batches in I suspect. I did mix in some of the wholemeal flour, but when i do it again I'll probably reduce that amount a bit. {There haven't been outright complaints, but someone did ask if I was even going to make white bread again.}

When we need a loaf of bread we just throw 425 mls of HOT water into the bread mixer, add 660g of the bread mix, & 2.5 tsp of yeast. I generally run it on the fast mode on my bread maker, because no one mentions they are out of bread until they are down to the last piece.

Quick & simple, not to mention considerably cheaper then the store mixes. All though when the premade mix is out I may try this recipe or maybe even this one. It might mean getting a new bread pan though..

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Keeslermom said...

We do this too. Love, love, love having it all mixed and ready. It's so versatile I can even do muffins.