Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 31

Our first full week back to studies since term break! I was a bit worried with two group events this week that we might struggle with our schedule, but things worked out really well & the kids kept the pace that they set for themselves. It turned into a really lovely week of learning & fun & was nice to find ourselves slipping right back into our normal routine too.

We still have a couple of things to slip back into, such as writing, but that won't happen until our new books for the subject arrive. In the mean time we've kept nice & busy with everything else on our plates.

We've been back in our poetry book each day again. We missed it last term, which was completely unintentional that we dropped it. Ever have one of those things where you realise you keep missing it, but never remember to actually do it?! Yeah, that was poetry for us most of last term for some odd reason. No, I wasn't yo-yoing while I read, but the kids were.

We're still listening to the NT each day via Bible Gateway's app, but we also picked back up our study of 2 Timothy. We're still using the Discover 4 Yourself kids study books, but we break the chapters down a bit more so we can gleam more from what we are doing instead of worrying about getting done with each chapter/daily segment. It worked well for us this week. The kids are opting to mark on a copy of 2 Timothy which I printed from Bible Gateway for them, it's up to them to transfer it directly into their Bible or not. They liked that I could double space the print out for them.

The boys are still doing the WP language arts mysteries & enjoying them. We're not doing the writing portions as we're using something else in that area instead. This week they covered more information about colons & various verbs. They also laughed a lot because I kept saying Collin instead of colon. We're still using Sequential Spelling book 1 & they're making quick progress with it. They finished through day 13 this week & were getting all words correct, which resulted in no more complaints if someone turned up to the table without glasses on.

We jumped in feet first with our chemistry this week reading selections from all of the books above. Christian Kids Explore has rather short chapters, & while that's nice I just wasn't sure it was as deep as it could be. Mind you they do suggest using the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia with each chapter as well, we're waiting for our copy to arrive in the mail.  The Usborne & Horrible Science books each line up with our CKE books which has been a lot of fun. I'll share the line-up later. Our scientist this term is Louis Pasture, & we're enjoying reading his story. Some of our French lessons are all ready paying off! The Story of Science is all about the history of science, & while it doesn't pertain, at this point, directly to our lessons we're enjoying reading through it at a slow pace all the same.

Both boys moved forward in their math books. Jayden attempted to put off his math until the last minute one day last week. It's really not his favourite subject all though he's more then capable & quite good at it so I'm not sure what the deal with it is other then it means he has to sit & think things through. Anyway, when he realised how late it was he opted to bring his math book along on our daily bike ride & take the time at the halfway point to work on his lesson. It was a beautiful day, all though we got slightly distracted watching another, rather spazzy dog, hide behind the trash bin when his owned told him it was time to go home. It was quite funny to watch! As for the math lesson, he was doing the final lesson on place value with up to Hundred Trillion. I printed out our place value sheets for him so he could self correct as needed. He's still using the multiplication flash cards daily & had himself down to 1:35 last week for the 100+ problems we do a day. To say he was delighted would be an understatement.

Morgan moved into another lesson as well, multiplying with decimal points. Mr Demme teaches this very differently then I learned it, but that's not to say it's a bad way. Simply different. He did well with the lesson, all though I thought he'd breeze through it a little more quickly then he did. Next weeks lesson is the same but up to hundredths so hopefully he'll be fine there as well.

Jayden used pocket money to buy a large set of these fellows who tended to act out most of our history lessons this week. We read in our Kingfisher History Encyclopedia about Monks in the Middle Ages. We read about the same topic in Story Of The World & A Child's History Of The World. Interestingly enough while the bottom line information was the same each presented it differently or went a little more in depth as we moved along. We read about every day life in the Medieval World & wrapped up another chapter in Archer's & Alchemists. We learn about religious jobs in that book next week. We also finished up Hostage Lands at long last! We seriously dragged that book out far longer then intended, but it was well worth it as the book was really lovely.

I did skip over one small section in which one of the main characters was enraged with a Roman officer & fantasised about killing him. It was the detail that I skipped over, not the ill thought the boy had. All up it was a great read & we're curious to see how much of what was spoken of in that book about Britannia will hold true as we continue our journey through Our Island Story.

We had a few bike rides this week, not as daily as normal as we had bike calamities too. My gears got pretty well smashed up over the weekend & as it was due to rain on Wednesday I took the bike into the shop late Tuesday. I tried to snag a bike rack while I was there, but despite the efforts of the fellows working who managed to capture the attention of everyone getting petrol they were unable to install it. So we wait until this coming week to get one that will fit differently & shouldn't give us grief. We did have the luxury of riding to our local homeschool meet up as it was just down the road from us this week.

The boys finished listening to A Single Shard this week. We'd intended to finish it last week, but life happened so it was on scheduled for this week. Someone wasn't as keen on the book because he was utterly convinced it was boring. I think he struggled with the fact that the first half of the book tends to be a bit more emotional then the action that is intertwined in the emotion in the second half. This same child squirms or makes up his own ending to movies that become emotional at the end too. I do admit this wasn't really his type of book, but I thought the story itself held a lot of value he could gain if he was willing to stick it out. I'm not entirely sure he got the main drift of the story, but he was proud of himself for sticking it out & finishing it before his deadline. I applauded him for that.

Lego Club was Friday, all though our family was the only one present. The boys were disappointed friends weren't there to join us, but I pointed out that people can't help being sick or whatever may have come up to have kept them from the fun. Then I told them to get cracking building something Ocean Themed. I built the silly sailboat above which I was thinking of naming the SS Bubbles, but I dunno SS Teddy Bear might be better suited. I was afraid the kids normal sized minifigs would be too large, so I raided the minifig box for the mini bears instead. The octopus goes to one of the kids Toy Story lego sets. We then indulged in the snacks the boys had made & they finished up the audio book above before closing off our week.

No swimming again this week. We've yet to hear back from their coach who was looking to arrange something, & as we don't want to exactly harass the fellow we've left it alone & are debating what we might do from here. However, I'm pretty sure if we don't get at least Jayden back in the water soon he might revolt on us as we hear about 20 times a day, "I need to swim.."

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