Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 2014: Week 25

I'm still a week behind in our wrap-ups, but I refuse to give up in attempting to keep them all straight. It gets harder each week to snap photos as the boys do more & more of their work on their own while I'm busy doing other things as well.  However, I managed a fair few for this particular week of school.

The weather was just so beautiful last week as well that it was difficult, at times, to want to be inside instead of out & about. There were a fair few breaks between subjects so we could go soak up some sun & fresh air. We've finally reached that point where we can open our windows wide during the day again, & if we should accidentally leave the heat off all night we don't tend to notice until the morning. 

There's still plenty of time for a bit more chill before the warmer weather is officially here, but we're rejoicing in what we do have! We've even noticed the cockatoos overhead again, & had a grand time darting in & out to see what on earth they were up to. If you're wondering it's generally fighting over pinecones or other funny bits of things.

There's a lot of pyjama wearing by this child, especially where school is concerned. I'm one of those people who just doesn't care so long as it's clean. Math in your pjs? Why not, I say!  Jayde concentrated on some review work last week for maths & will continue with that until he feels absolutely confident with what he's doing. He's found that he's learned so many new things of late that he's getting quite confuddeled so we'll stop & pause for a little bit. He wasn't happy with the idea, as he really wants to wrap it up before the end of the year. However, I'm more about do you know how to do it & if you don't or aren't confident with it we pause. 

Morgan, on the other hand was keen to move forward, but as he didn't get the grade he was after on his last math page from the week prior opted to hold himself back. Truthfully he was more then ready to move forward, but I admire that he's setting the goals for himself & willing to accept when he needs to strive harder. He'd also do better if he didn't attempt complex math problems while his brother is telling insane jokes & making up stories about the people walking by the house..

Monday was swim for our boys & while we didn't know it at the time it was their second to last lesson of the term. Their coach of 2 years is no longer working at the pool & we were given a sub teacher, which the boys were reasonably excited about as they've always found her quite funny. Unfortunately she resorted to name calling her ex-co-worker & that spoiled all of it for the boys. They don't handle name calling, much less from adults.. or from adults by other adults they have great respect for. 

We wrapped up Acts last week as well.  We've still been enjoying listening along with the Bible Gateway App. While doing so this week we hit Chapter 28 & when we heard verse 11 we had to switch it off to look up the verse ourselves. The verse mentions a weathered ship from Alexandria that had "Twin Brothers for it's FigureHead" {NASB}, & the boys wanted to read it for themselves as it made them think of Romulus & Remus. In the KJV & the NIV they are mentioned as two gods not brothers at all, as does the footnote in the NASB, but it was nice to know they were listening.

We read bits & pieces from all of the above books as well as MOH 2 again.  A Child's History Of The World is not part of our WP Middle Ages study, but we really do love the book & so we're enjoying reading it as it ties in with our studies. Sometimes it's easy to have too many resources, isn't it?

Our new read aloud is Hostage Lands which started our in modern times with a young boy who lacked some respect for his Latin Teacher. The book gets pretty interesting within the 3rd Chapter or fourth chapter & the kids were eager to keep hearing more.

Both boys were suppose to wrap up their assigned books last week, but somehow managed to misread their own planners {they even wrote the info themselves!} & had a bit left over that they'll deal with next week. Morgan's been flying through the Encyclopedia Brown book which has been fun to listen to. Not that he's reading it to me, but he's constantly amazed by Brown's logic & insightfulness that help him to quickly solve mysteries.

There was a whole lot of this happening too. Morgan has been wanting to learn how to do this for a while now & had an Auntie who was going to show him how, but it's been difficult for them to have time to work on it. At the Home Ed book swap he found a book on the topic & was delighted to have a go at it. I know it has a different name in the US, but for the life of me I can't think of it, here it's called Scoubedou. Either way it kept him busy & any spare time he had was given to creating these crazy things. He quickly mastered the two string version & was pretty keen to have a go at using more strings.

We also worked on our science this particular week, all though I had to reread about cells in the orange Human Body Book, Sonlighter's will recognise it as a Core F Science book. The info about cells was just flying over Jayde's head in The Way We Work, so we may put it aside as a spine for now & pull out the Apologia book that Morgan used last year.

Morgan ventured into French this week too, all though I have no photos to share. He & I both began French Lessons & Mr S & Jayde wish we'd stop. In order to remember what we were learning if we could sub an English word for a French word we would. I was having a terrible time with singular & plural for the word drink & was in brushing my teeth one night saying the word over & over when it dawned on me what the difference was. Nearly gave Mr S the fright of his life when I came out the bathroom shouting drink in French. 

For those you who might not be aware, Rosetta Stone is 50% off again according to their Homeschool FB page. We're considering obtaining Latin for Jayde, all though Mr S is still pretty keen for Spanish, the one language we'd have the least use for in our neck of the woods. He likes to be different, what can we say?

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