Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The blog has been a little slow around here as I've been working on getting photos off one computer & onto another.. You know that & finding time amongst all the craziness that is our lives. On top of enjoying lovely spring weather that's been both beautifully warm & sunny which has driven us out into the garden where we've been enjoying working on our new yard.

However, I was recently trying to get photos off my phone when I noticed the kids had been using the camera on it again. I found a ton of blurry photos that I deleted off, but when I found this one I just chuckled. My kids will spend hours playing "Minifigs" do yours?

First they organise their boxes of supplies & then they close their eyes as they grab pieces to make funny little figurines. Then they take it all apart & build them properly & set things up for some grand scene that has to do with one thing or another. They've been experimenting of late with ideas for better quality stop motion videos with the lego. I have no idea if the above scene was part of that or just something someone put together while listening to our current read aloud. I just found it amusing to see it spread out all over the little table.

Perhaps funniest of all, to me, was the fact that they are all facing the fireplace where, if you look closely, you'll see a blurry image of Paul which is actually a book about the life of Paul. After having spent a few weeks learning about Paul's conversion & ministry it just cracked me up to see a bunch of minifigs who appeared to be have all their attention turned Paul's way.

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Keeslermom said...

We own an unreasonable number of minifigs at our house. Mac drags bags full of them on trips so he has "someone" to play with! My oldest son had fun making Lego stop motion movies when he was your boys age. Might be worth a trip to Youtube to see what can be done!